Friday, December 07, 2007

halla gullah mullah kullah!!!!!

It was a usual Friday afternoon. We packed ourselves into a bus and a tempo heading to a resort called GRT Temple bay. It took around one and half hours to get there. The journey was good too. Air conditioned Air buss with all kinds of songs sung by us and the dances of few of the guys were very entertaining! The very minute we reached there, everyone had settled in the party mood. but that needed some warm ups to be done(thats how playing games like volley ball and kings helped them) considering me, and my association with games, it was too very difficult for me to get over there and play without disappointing the people who were already playing over there! and the important thing was they were genuinely playing good. But the rest of us had the utmost pleasure standing in the waters.. after all beaches are meant for that!!! long walks along the coastline is probably the most wonderful thing that can happen. it does not matter whether you have a good company to talk to or u r alone. the only two things which matter are the cool waters touching ur feet every now and then and ofcourse the beautiful limitless open sky which has innumerous to tell every other minute! oh well.. did u think i didnt have company? then u r wrong! i did have company!

(me and rad walking along the coast with our endless chats!)

it was followed by the tug of war... which i would call as the "team event". after a little bit of freshening up ourselves after that refreshing walk(intended oxymoron) we had along coastline we headed to the
bon fire! most expected event of the evening. this was fun mainly because it involved damaging each and everyone at the sametime playing the "people tambola "game. oh.. by the way.. i came second in the full house. the best part of this game was i did not get damaged in the process! so yyyyyyyyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! good for me u know...

then we went on to the heated dance floor to heat it even more! and it did get heated up in no time. we went crazy! its quite possible to have seen normal people go crazy, but it was the first time to see crazy people getting crazily crazy! it was fun! (hmmmm fun is an understatement... am out of adjectives.. so lets just leave it there)

we had the soft drink and beer competition! never in my life had i drank one bottle of sprite in one shot! so now my throat has gone for a real toss!

after some three hours of heavy dancing, we reached food place like hungry wolves and started hogging endlessly! by this time all of us were very tired! and all we could do was to just search for a bed around us and sleep off! came back home aroung 12.30. it was fun! people were really good, very sweet. very concerned and caring. the most important of all things is to make us feel so special about the whole thing!

hmmm... now comes the best part.... EY s culture...
Work Hard... PARTY HARDER!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My latest one liner!

this is situational... here goes the situation. My mom was asking my brother to pour water into the drum and as usual he was evading it for past three days. My worried father came up and asked whether paani(water) had come(we use that can water for drinking.. thats the underlying funda)

now i speak out...: vaani thaan varanum... paani(water) vandachu...:)

other one liners of mine from the past...:
1. Bad donkeys small wall
2. Donkeys don know camphor smell... :)

ok ok... don throw stones at me!!!!;)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Did u know???? Well i am sure you will not be knowing about it! trust me you would have know about it! Its challenging, Exciting and also SCARY! he he... trying hard to find what it is eh? i bet you will fail miserably! so my advice don think hard. hmmm ok.. before you kick me i shall tell you what it is all about! i just came to know that we will be evaluated based on our performance! now may be you might not be scared because you are sitting on the other side of the table! but i am scared! still... I have to give a good show!:)

i find work really good these days! hmmm so thats really good for me!

oh... by the way! the first song i choreographed was staged before on stage by my dance teacher! was excited! first attempt. but it was good for a first attempt!:)

P.s. - I had lost my senses when i wrote the above post!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

E Y life..

This is probably the first time I am going to write about my new lease of life in detail. I have written about my excitement and all before but have not told about what. So here I go…

Now, Ernst and Young… one of the big fours.. established in… oh crap! I shall not bore you with history. But let me get into the business fast. I am excited and thrilled for the mere fact that this is my first work place. I am going to spend a minimum of three years here at Ernst and Young( form now E Y). before I joined E Y, I should say that I was so sure that I will not get into any big fours especially with the kind of marks I had got! So, with that very note of my shocked and excited note, i shall continue...! Now, this might have sounded a lie to you, but I am not bothered! Well, I am right now in to the firm and its more than a month now. I should admit that life has been amazing as of now! Loads of work, loads of responsibility (though as of now, I have not been given much of responsibility), loads of fun! That’s sums up my day! Its nice. I have just started reading and learning things about which I am not aware off! And I have people walking up to me and telling that they are there for me and another group of people who say thanks for each and everything I do! Its too sweet of them to be this considerate! Though some of them are professional, and work means everything to them! Now this is just a sample of what E Y has. Rest is yet to come. One of my managers told all the new joiners once… “ extraordinary things can be done only by stretching oneself unreasonably” how true is that statement! I have been wondering that ever since he has told that! People out here are workaholics! They work so much and they never crib about it! That shows their passion for work!

It’s a professional yet a friendly environment to work in! truly amazing! You should get in here to experience the difference!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

in the new world!!!!

Enjoying myself to the maximum extent by just merely getting lost in the amount of work i have infront of me!

oh ya.. one more thing!!! I am loving what i am doing right now!:)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The professional life!!! huh!!!!

where do i start??? My new office(refer to previous post) is a good place with super ambience, facilities, employees etc etc... ultimate professionalism.. though i like it.... its may be my lesson from the last experience not to get too attached or close with anyone. it does take a huge deal of emotional turmoil to get out of the practise of talking or keeping in touch with a person with whomm probably you might have been talking hours together. as a matter of fact even if we do an audit with a person for a month or so, we unknowingly start sharing a bond with that person and when we move on to a different audit, we will find it a different experience.

but frankly, see, i am also a normal human being who enjoys certain things. however if things dont work out the way i want it to work, i have decided to give its way! after all i have really learnt it the hard way! really the hard way!

wherever i go, whatever i do, whenever i see, i come across that whenever a girl talks with a guy or a guy talks with a girl, it is surely followed by a teasing session. now there are two sides to this. the healthier side is when the teasing is done playfully and directly. it helps in striking a bond with people around you. but the unhealthier or rather the scary side is when it is done at the back! when it remains as a gossip!!! its crap!

thats the reason why i am apprehensive about talking to guys. first of all, its very easy to get into controversies but too difficult to prove that you are genuine to anyone because its a very very very bad world out there!!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

now something about E & Y

oh ya!!! i have got into Ernst and Young. but the fact remains that i still remain clueless as to how they picked me out from the hundred other applicants who sure would have got better marks. now, this is no sign of modesty or underplay but the point is i had absolutely no recommendation, absolutely bad marks. i had just got 50% to clear it! and there will be many more people who are better talented than me to get into such esteemed organisation.

now after that brief introduction, i want to say about the induction day.. that is the first day! to start of, as always, it started of well... looking forward... with my heart filled with remains of memories of my past!!!!

organisation with cream of people working there(except me).. hoping to learn atleast something and reciporcate it to them!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

DDDDDDDDDDDDRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY(i wish i had the options of using smileys.. then i woud have used the one with the heart by its side.... i am happy.. dreamy.. floaty... basically in a nice "mood"... yesterday i read a post on moods by my frnd where she has written about how the whole idea of "mood" is conceived and how it is taken as an escaping statement for anything and everything these days. Then i sat down to think how true it was. we take the the name of mood for anything and everything we do with out even thinking that its we who are controlling our moods.

well, coming back to my post... i am dreamy today.. in contrast to all the depressing, lonely, boring, crappy posts. today i feel a lot light and happy... its nice to stay this way.. without any worries without heavy heart.... but neverthless it will not stay this way... for the past two hours my brain is flooded with thoughts, memories, conversations etc etc. it feels good if u know that u mean something to someone. it makes you even more glad if u come to know that u have made any difference in anyones life.

ok, i have been sitting and dreaming for hours today... laughing to myself... feeling good about people around me.. respecting them more than what i would do to myself... coz it was only a while ago did i realise that they are very precious..... now coming to the part of all the stupid sweet thoughts i have been getting today, the best part is that i have laughed it all... but if u are looking out for personal details? then this sure is not the place.. its truly censored!

i am wildy inspired by the conversations i had with three of my frnds. one friend told me that he/she missed me a lot and talking with him/her gave me utmost comfort and satisfaction. a feeling which a baby will get when it comes into the warm hands of its mom.

then the next on was actually a gtalk conversation... he is nice... different... nutty.. cranky... fun... absolutely caring sweetheart.. one of the best frnds i can ever ask for.. making me laugh all over and over again for all his jokes... one of the best ones... all the late night yapping spicing up my nights and next day early mornings... he makes me wonder about the various princples and values of life... we may be a bit different but yet we both are the same.... when i told him that he has inspired me, he said i am aristotle!!!! hmmm.... wat do i tell ??? well, thats what he is... nutty!!!

third one told me that i was very special and dear... could i have asked for a better day???

two quotes which i liked

The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers

Have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart. Try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books written in a foreign language. Do not now look for the answers. They cannot now be given to you because you could not live them. It is a question of experiencing everything. At present you need to live the question. Perhaps you will gradually, without even noticing it, find yourself experiencing the answer, some distant day.

Friday, September 07, 2007


The whole purpose of orkut was to connect people and help in providing better communication, long standing relationship, good rapport and refreshing old relationships... but has it paid to the purposes specified above???? it has given way to more and more problems only!!

This word orkut makes me go mad.... i am bored of orkutting... i dont have a point in staying on orkut when i have touch with those people i want to be with and when i can reach them on their mobile or land line numbers! With all the nuisance coming up on orkut like the fake profiles, porn communities, abusive scraps and the most recent one like blackmail calls... the whole point of orkut is lost. now that orkut has innumerous users, many of the profiles are getting deleted outrightly. but with this i thought people will stop getting into such online groups. but shutting down of orkut has led to increase in the number of these kinds of sites only!

P.s.- i do agree that previously i used to spend hell a lot of time on orkkut!!! actually i wasted a lot of time! but i don do it anymore...!!!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Customs are something which I hate! One thing which I am always against is to the fact that women succumb to the demands of a man! There has been N number of cases where I have seen the lady of the family let go of their career or stagnate their career and future for the sake of the family! Now the question is why should the lady do? The man also has equal interest in the family. It is still a male dominated society!!!! Whether they give 33% rights or not it is still a male dominated society! A woman is called the “weaker sex”. But to break the records I saw a news report on how a girl who was raped when she was in her teens has saved many more girls and children from the being sex workers and she has started a school all by herself! Now this speaks volumes about what a woman can do! Still she is called the “home maker” many take pride in telling that! I don say that its shameful to tell that! But when a person is capable of creating wonders then why should she waste that and forego her interest for her family! She can do things zillions things at a time!

One question which I was asking my mother today evening was that “why is it that a girl born in the family is never considered to be the property of that family and that there is always a reference made to her as the one who is going to move out of the family. Agreed that she is moving out at a later date but still why that name badge is given to her ever since she is born! Atleast in my case for the past 20years I have been referred as that!

Trust me its painful! And why is it that the daughters have to move out of the family??? There are zillion cases in which male children just put their parents in some random old age homes. Why don’t parents depend on girls for help and their security? Why don’t they consider daughters to be a part of their family???????????????? Why ? why? Why???

I want to be alone! I wanna shun myself from the outside world! Truly alone alone to myself! I don want to see a thing.

Daily in the mornings I HATE to wake up because I have to see people and talk to them. I HATE to go to office because people are fake and not true! I HATE to go to yoga class because they are not nice. I HATE to go to dance class because there is so much of politics and back biting which I don’t want to even hear but I am made to hear about! By the time I come back home I go overboard with all the gossips which I carry about people and feel so drained off! What a life it is! A machine-like life! LIFE SUCKS TRULY!!!!

I wake in the hope of atleast meeting one genuine person on this earth! Will I find one? Or will I just keep searching and finally a day will come when my life will end and still I will just keep looking out for a genuine person! I am tired of this whole concept of “pretend to be” “ smile like” “laugh like” “talk like” “ appear to be”.

Many a times I have thought that I want a friend for life time. But it has never been that way! Whenever I get to know a particular person a little better they are taken away! I am tired of searching for friends! For finding one person who is nice and sweet it takes me a wholesome amount of time and I also have to bombard with infinite amount of people, have loads of bad experiences, hate people, hate myself! Now the question is, is all the effort put worth??? I want more friends! More people who talk their mind and not “pretend to be”. It scares the shit out of me when I see people pretending to be something else!

Will I ever get to see someone genuine!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Do we have a choice to be called the way we want it to be?

no.. not really.. check out this.....

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This morning i woke up with a shake. I had a dream as to how i miss my friend. Now i realise how its just not a dream only. Its more than that! its reality! Its hard to take. All the sudden visits to Vandana towers is all over.... all chatting merily for hours in the near by park is over.. all the intellectual and stupid talks are all over.... End of era!!! All my friends who were like the small and the big world i would have thought of till now have all started hunting for their own lives. Same is the case with me! Still it hurts! Now one of them have gone to banglore for her journalism course. What do i say? She may not be able to understand how much i miss her! Three of my others friends are working in audit firms whom i rarely get to meet! Now this is what i call CHANGE!

Change is so painful yet its beautiful and powerful!

miss u shil....... (one post specially for you... because i cannot control it... just wanted to tell someone)

Big hug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheesh..! i just realised that we have all grown up! cha... i hate this!

Do u believe in platonic relations?

I believe in it and have experienced it couple of times. To put precise I have loads of guy friends. Frankly I am jabbering person and I can go on talking with any person non stop with out making any sense to anyone. Now the question is whether platonic relationships exist or not…

Some random thoughts…

“They exist… but I dunno whether I have had any….”

“I have experienced them and they sure exist!”

“They don exist … whats the necessity of a girl to have relationship with a guy or vice versa when she can share many more things with the person in the same gender”

“In this world, noone can be independent and self sufficient! Its always good to have friends in the opposite sex so that many things which cannot be told to the person in the same sex can be told to the person in the opposite sex”

I have posted many posts on my friends who are girls but never thought of posting on the others…. So here it goes…!

Each one of us will have our own comfort zone with each person and it varies with each person. Although it varies with each and every person, I mean the degree of closeness. But I have always found a transparency in friendships with a guy which is very rare to find with girls. The transparency in friendship with girls is not possible because sometimes they are unbelievably secretive. It’s too hard to predict what they think and feel about you. As far as guys are concerned, jus sit in front of them and break open the thing which is breaking your head and spontaneously u will get an answer and that’s the hard truth. Now it all depends on how strong you are to mentally take the truth!

Few are truly cool friends that they go to any extent of helping me out. few are hesitant enough to do anything, yet they are sweet and good friend! Now what do I say, they will be nice only because they have got a person like me!!!( ok.. i get that eggs and tomatoes are outside my room door.. i shall stop it before u start throwing!!!)

Frankly speaking, except for some handful of people who are my best friends I can declare that I have failed to maintain transparency with friends who are girls.! However that’s not the case with the guy friends!

Do I have to be happy or sad???

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A day when I felt I was special to many many people who were around me. It meant a lot to me when I spoke with those friends of mine who were absolutely scared than me… oh ya! I am talking about the same marks stuff! The minute I sent message to people that I cleared.. I got calls.. more calls.. much more and many more… few of them giving a sigh of relief, a few shedding tears of happiness, and many congratulating! It feels good when we come to know that there are people to care for us and share our happiness! It was like conquering half of mount everest! Now that half is done the other half will be much more a rough ride! So getting ready for that!

By the way, my day was made that day!:)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Final Bliss of air....

there came the news that I cleared PE-2( for all those who are not aware of it, its the chartered accountancy course second level)...! Am glad about it!:)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

look at the pic... brde hitting the groom with garland;P
just before the thali scene;P
ammi medhichu arundhdhi parthu
wow... mehendi.... looks beautiful:)

grooms kasi yatra
Wedding s are made in heaven
Customs are made by human beings!!!

Where shall I start? What do I write?
I am confused. A few days back, I was one of those ignorant fools who didn’t believe in the elaborate customs involved in marriage. Little did I know that one marriage could change the whole perspective about my opinion on weddings. Just a week ago, my cousin got married. It was loads of fun. Fun is an understatement. While I am typing out this post loads of confusions running around in my small brains…
So finally decided to give snap shots of what happened in the marriage….. and one disclaimer is the pics r not in the chronological order.. forgive me for that.. its the mistake of my blog.. its not uploading pics in the same order:)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Conflict for identity……

Ever since I started going to school, people have asked whether I was “not a hindu” and I have been very kind enough to explain them my back ground(inspite of which many were NOT supposedly satisfied by that fact)… this is may be because “truth is bitter”. Very recently, may be three days back, a lady from saber pens private limited(the place I go for audit these days), she asked me whether I was a north Indian! I wondered! Do I even remotely resemble like a north Indian? No! I have many reasons as to why I don’t resemble one.

I don wear JILL JILL eye glaring jewels
I will never talk in hindi because I have a very big inferiority complex when it comes to talking in hindi
I don’t resemble one because I am not one!

Then, yesterday one girl asked me whether I was a Christian… I said no. then I was thinking of all possible Christian names which I would have had if I was one…

Nivedita Lawrence
Nivedita joseph
Nivedita Ralph
Nivedita daniel
does this sound good???? no...!!!! nivedita N sounds perfect!!!!

Well.. I cant think of any other Christian names… though I have many Christian friends cant take too much of efforts to think and type. Ofcourse I do agree that I am a lazy bum!

Till now, people have asked me whether I am a Christian, muslim, hindu non Brahmin, hindu Brahmin(iyengar) etc etc but for the real thing. Anyways me first a Indian and then only all of these…(touch panniten illa???) ha ha… oh ya..!!!i am happy to have this track record because that will help people to feel at home with me!:)

p.s.- the author is not responsible if this article has made u go crazy after reading this article!!!!
p.p.s.- thanks a lot for showing so much patience in reading this article..:)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Is there anything called god??? I asked myself this question and this is what I finally arrived at. The theory goes like this. I would call myself to be a agnostic. I do believe that there is something called destiny and that destiny is created only by us. Noone else! And this is exactly what I do if I want to feel the existence of god, I see it in the people around me. The people whom we meet in day to day life are not some random thing which is happening. We learn something or the other good or bad (well there is nothing like good or bad.. it just depends on whether u r comfortable doing it or not…) inspiring or admirable or adorable people with whom we might feel comfortable or uncomfortable or irritated etc. Now its up to us to choose with whom we want to be and whether we are comfortable in that company. I believe that that person who make me cry or disturbed is that god is trying to test my faith on him (now the god is truly the person who is making me cry). And the person who stands by me and says “come on u ass, get up and do something about it instead of cribbing” this is where the god is helping me get out of the problem. There is an old saying which means “god tests his devotees but never leaves them”. And if at all anyone is going to leave you in the process, then it means they were never yours. I have had many problems in my life too in which I have had people unexpectedly helping me out of the blue. I consider them to be god and they are very near to my heart. Over the period of time that list has become so big so big so big that it’s difficult to list all their names, but they come under one category "god"!

Another theory goes like this… each of our soul is god. All our souls are one but its just the character of each one of us which makes us look different. So if we swear anyone, it means we are swearing ourselves. And by the way, why would anyone swear themselves? (Considering the fact that everyone feels that they are the perfect souls on earth!!!)

I don’t say that my way of thinking is only correct or is also correct.. not justifying anything. This is my understanding about god and of course it gives me immense pleasure when I do certain dance items where its more of a conversation between two souls. One of my favourite verse is from a song called sri charka raja in that song a very moving line is

“ullagam muzhuvadum endhan aga murai kanavum”
which mean let the rest of the world look at my inner heart rather than the outer beauty which is just skin deep!!!
What a line?!? Wow…. Can sink into such songs
p.s.- thankooo shil babe...!!!! super topic:) hug!!!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Hi blogeees(blogmates)!

A very long time since I posted anything! Feeling guilty. But cant really help it because of the work I have joined very recently. Yeah! I am working in an audit firm.Now about the job.. I am not good at accounts for I know for sure that I will do atleast one silly mistake even in a simple problem. So when I am going for auditing other companies accounts and when I find some mistake it feels really good because it gives me some satisfaction that I also know a bit of accounts. This post is not going to be long. I am too lazy to type it out. Just wanted to tell that I am still alive to those people who read my blog ( if at all anyone reads it except for those people whom I know):)

Friday, June 01, 2007

Wat crap?!!!?

Helmets??? Why god? Why??? Worst thing that can ever happen!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Opportunity cost in having a boyfriend/girlfriend!(look at the commerce students brain!!!)

DISCLAIMER: All might not be applicable to you, some may apply and some may not.

1.Too much off attachment towards a person.
2.long hours on phone with the other person ( late night talks)
3.lack of sleep or sleeping in afternoons (don ask me whether talking with friends late night is good? Even if u ask, I would say it’s good because they don talk anything mushy which makes u have a sleepless night!)
4.thinking that person is the end of your world
5.losing individuality (utter stupidity)
6.neglecting friends (friends are not losing, u r losing)
7.Overdoing things towards that person (whats the need?)
8.Giving a call after walking down ten yards from your house telling the other person that I have walked down (come on! This is heights! As if all these years you have informed someone about every damn thing!)
9.guys don’t want to get into commitment a update of what happened everyday in the night! (please, give my space man! Even before marriage, so many QUESTIONS! Gawd!)

to conclude, three cheers to being single!!!

p.s.- was intended to be fun.

a test post letting the world know that i am still alive!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

1.Were you named after anyone? No
2. Do you wish on stars? nope
3. When did you last cry? Three months back
4. Do you like your handwriting? Hate it!
5. What is your favourite meat? I don eat chicken
6. What is your most embarrassing CD on your shelf? My dance prograM cds because I feel awkward to see myself on videos
7. If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you? Yes
8.Are you a daredevil? Sometimes
9. How do you release anger? Screaming.. shouting at the person with whom I am angry
10. Where is your second home? Pavi s house or bessy
11. Do you trust others easily? Kinda yes
12. What was your favourite toy as a child? Don’t remember whether I used to play with dolls much because I used to play a lot with my cousin who was of my age and we were playing games like teacher teacher most of the time…!
13. What class in school/college do you think is totally useless? Environtmental science
14. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Yeah I do!
15. Have you ever been in a mosh pit? No.16. What do you look for in a guy/girl? Hmmm…. How simple they are!
17. Would you bungee jump? Yes.
18. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? I don’t wear shoes these days
19. What's your favourite ice cream? Casata… ever since I was born!
20. What are your favourite colours? Red, black, white
21. What are your least favourite things? Doing certain things in the name of socialing with people. I would like to be myself, let people like me for that and not for any status thingy and all…. All a pretence…!
22. How many people do you have a crush on right now? Hmmm… one!
23. Who do you miss most right now? Hmmm…. Noone as of now
24. What are you listening to right now? Katrin mozhi- mozhi
25. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? red
26. What is the weather like right now? Very hot!
27. Last person you talked to on the phone? ssupriya
28. The "first" thing you notice about the opposite sex? Their attitude
29. Do you like the person who sent you this? Dunno who this person is.. I just flicked it because I liked the tag and have been longing to do one for a long time
30. How are you today? As usual cool
31. Favourite non alcoholic drink? Anything but aerated drinks
32. Favourite alcoholic drink? I don’t drink alcohol
33. Natural hair colour? Black
34. Eye colour? Black
35. Wear contacts? nope
36. Siblings? Yes
37. Favourite month? May
38. Favourite food? Dosa anyday!
39. Favourite day of the year? God! I don’t know…
40. Have you ever been too shy to ask someone out? No. but never wanted to ask anyone out though
41. Scary movies or happy endings? Happy endings better
42. Summer or winter? Winter
43. Holi or Diwali? Deepavali.
44. Do you like your name? ya. The best thing about me!
45. What book/magazine are you reading? A beautiful mind( autobiography of john nash)
46. What's on your mouse pad? Don't have one.
47. What did you watch on TV last night? Didn’t see TV last night
48. Favourite Smell? Smell of rain
49. Have you ever regretted breaking up with someone? Not experienced it yet!
50. Most tiresome thing you’ve ever experienced/done? Finishing this tag!
I've also decided to tag: Anybody who is bored enough to do this????

Monday, March 19, 2007


Why do they occur? I get dreams when I don want them! They just come from nowhere yet with a bang to give me all kinds of excitement and scary thoughts. That’s when I realize that there is a very very scary side of me which is letting my thoughts wander to that extent!

I get weirdest of all dreams mostly with those friends who are very close to me and not so close friends. In my dreams those people who come in my dream, knows anything and everything about the other person, though they aren’t even aware about their existence in real life. This really fascinates me! Isn’t this fantastic?

I can think of three dreams right now. First one was about my death. Actually the dream started only after I died and how people were crying and few were laughing because I am no more! And when they were taking me to the cremation ground they pass through a bridge and due to lack of balance they drop me off in a river! And .. and… I don remember because I was woken up!:(

Second one is probably the funniest1 and the funniest part is “I am having a boyfriend in that”! ok.. cut down on the imaginations.. I was not making out and all. The dream was as clean and decent as I am!:) just the thought that I was having a boyfriend was funny for me to keep me laughing for the next two days! And I don remember that unfortunate guy’s face! Lucky for that imaginary guy!

Third is my favourite! I am in the jail! I have been sentenced a 1 year stay in jail for violating the traffic rules! And I am put among those people have killed and looted and done many more things. Oh ya! Two of my not-so-good friends where also there. The jailer was being very nice to me and he was the only nice part. This dream surely had many scary things because I haven seen any burglars in person and for me to see such people in dream was real big thing!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

its the lyrics of a song which i feel that it has the deepest meaning abt the human kind and languages!i didn download it... wrote it from the song itself...

Katrin mozhi oliya isaiya
Poovin mozhi nirama mananama
Kadalin mozhi alaiya nuraiya
Kadhal mozhi vizhiya idazha
Iyarkaiyin mozhigal purindhuvidu
Manidarin mozhigal thevaillai
Idhayathin mozhi purindhuvidu
Manidarin mozhigal thevaillai

Katru visum podhu disaigal kidaiyadhu
Kadhal pesum podu mozhigal kidaiyadhu
Pesum varthai pola mounam puriyadhu
Kangal pesum varthai kadavul ariyadhu
Ulava therya katrukku oruvam theta mudiyadhu
Kadhal pesum mozhiellam sabthakootil adangathu

Vanam pesum pechu thuliyai veliyagum
Vanavillin pechu niramai veliyagum
Unmai oomai anal kanner mozhiagum
Penmai ommaianal nanam mozhiagum
Osai thoongum jamathil uchimeengal mozhiagum
Asai thoongam idayathil asaivu kooda mozhiagum

Saturday, March 10, 2007

proud to be a tamilian???

Namma Theru Vizha(Our Street festival) is an attempt to showcase to the Chennaiites what the city's all about. Right from its birth, art, culture and tradition have remained synonymous to the 'city of charms'! The brainchild of the Tamil Maiyyam and the Department of Tourism and Culture, Government of Tamilnadu, CHENNAI SANGAMAM started off with the gala opening at IIT-OAT on February 20 with a dance show 'Sange Muzhangu' running through the evolution of the 2000-year old Tamil arts, literature and culture.

Thappattam, karagattam, Oyilattam, mayilattam, thevarattam, Krishnan attam, naiyandi melam, china melam, periya melam, sakkai kuchi attam, kokali attam, puliattam, maan kombattam, poykalkuthiraiattam, jimla melam, thudumbattam, silambattam, kalaripayitru and koothu will share space with classical performances of other States, western music shows, choirs, string quartets, symphony, fusion, rock, rap and jazz. most of us would not have even known that tamilnadu has instore so many art forms!!! whoa!

Six days of undiluted culture is at display in this novel confluence, which from next year is going to be made an yearly Pongal feature like the December festival. Essay contest for collegers, revisiting old movies, anthem for the show, a 'Green Chennai' and 'Give Life' for street children campaign are also highlights of the Sangamam.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It is unconditional and to be shared
It is a sign of celebration
No expectation
No loss
No disappointment
No attachment
Only commitment
That’s love for u!:)

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Entered a new world with no expectation
To just come across ten new people
In whose company I was my-self
To tell about my acquaintances
Are they angels or what?
For all the timely help and support from them
Getting to know them was a treat!
Razzmatazz came into existence
Another place to voice my crap
I met the Ms. Universe
A girl of values with an amazing heart!
Woa! The cute Bajaari of all times
Caring and sensitive baby is what she is
My best friend, deepa
A charming person with a radiant smile
Think of orkut and she is the GIRL
Vasu, she is truly fun!
This girl is synonymous to entertainment
And that pudy cat for you!
A sweet thing with a golden heart
She wins over with her vandichi tamil
With all the hissing these angels created memories to be cherished!
Here are “personalities”
Puky: my confidant
Neetu: my humshakal
Shil: my chweetheart
Viji: my Prodigy
Swat: my Hanumani(female form)
Arthi: the charm
Apoorva: vo oru payunna putha…!
Krithika: bommal attam…!
Suman: dulhan!
All of us are crazy people
Born to do crazy things
My mouth tastes bitter
Wit the thought that everything is over!
College life was fun
With all the learning gone into it!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

She was late!
It was the "D" day
hurriedly came inside
dressed in red
with a bouquet of red roses
having no clue about her destiny
fear of his refusal dawns her

waiting in the table was the guy
the one of her dreams!
hesitantly she walks across
sits next to him
an air of silence surrounds them
with a shy smile on her face,
with the pink cheeks and the trembling voice she says,
having poured my life into yours
now its your turn!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

When he smiles,
I am glad
When he shouts,
I am even more glad
When he feels touched,
I am proud of myself
When he tells something good,
I walk away blessed!
For all I know that
I have made a difference to someone’s life! :)

courtesy- shilpa for talking about something which kindled my thoughts!:)))

Friday, January 26, 2007

Longest ten seconds of my life!

Yesterday was fun! They took us to MGM Dizzee world. I know it might sound little kiddish. I thought the same thing and didn’t want to go! But I t was fun! Went for almost all the rides except for the water world!

One ride which is worth mentioning here ranger! It went 360 degrees! Well, how exciting does that sound? Yesterday was the first time I went for that ride and it was really great! And the best part was, I sat alone for that ride.. in the sense there were two seats in each row and since I didn’t have a partner, I had to sit alone and BOY! God only knows how scared I was! There was a point where we were made to stand over there in the air upside down for about 10 seconds! That’s when I realized how precious my life was for myself if not for anyone else! Just the way Ross declares to everyone that “its his second gifted life”(in one of the episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.) I declare that this is my second lifeJ
It was a real fun day yesterday though the after effects of yesterdays suthufying!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Random thoughts
something which affected me in a big way..
1. Character is something wat i am when noone s looking at me...
how true is that?!?

2.Wat is win in life?

3. Are u living your life to the fullest???

4. circumstance VS urself... whos winning?

5. Are you at NOTHING?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Harder lessons of life!

I was happy, when I was born
There were always ten people around me
To notice me laugh, cry and play around
The world of toys it was!

In my childhood days, I was excited
Was waiting to grow up
Liked to be treated like a grown up
Having a whole bunch of new friends

Then came the long awaited adolescence
These days still very fresh in my mind
All the teasing and major fun i had
The crushes and first love!

End of schooling, I was happy than ever
I became an adult, Lots of responsibilities
Total new world with new people
And I am struggling to face the world
Why were all the hype created, I wonder?!?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mylapore festival

There was this mylapore festival in mylapore(duh! obviously) in the first week of the new year. After much compulsion by my dad and mom i went with them. To be very frank with it has been very very long since i went to the pakka mylapore side.. i mean though i live in mylapore, i haven been to the "REAL MYLAPORE". I really thought it will be boring will all the puja articles being displayed for sale which doesn't suit my interest. But it was to my surprise... it had real good stuffs to buy. starting from the usual mami stuffs like pickles to all nice bags and accessories to puja items to most importantly good food. the pakka brahmin iyer food was there. It was fun. More than fun it was a good change for me to see different kind of people. Oops almost forgot.. they were from my community. totally different people with pakka acharam still. They still see all the echal, pathu stuff.

oh ya almost forgot!
i did buy a bag which i like the most! the favourite bag ever!