Tuesday, June 28, 2011

After a lot of thought process, I sit down to write this post which is solely going to be on a 15 days course which I had attended very recently… the program except for a few was probably not that great but surely there were a lot of personalities whom I met there were mind blowing.
One the first day, in a room of 100 people sitting, little did I think that I will get fantastic friends In that room and most importantly I had no clue about anyone.. just that I knew swathanth was my school junior and EY colleague and I knew Vikram as a person from EY. So there I sat next to a ultimately stunning looking lady… sunitha… She threw her warm smile and became immediately comfortable. We spoke for a while and after the mokkai sessions, we four i.e. Sunitha, Sonia Gandhi, Danny and I were relieved at some point that the day got over  and we led back home… 
Second day was the starting of getting to know so so so many pple… my thought in my mind was always WOAWWWW!!!
Lavanya: she was probably the person to whom I was sittign next to on my birthday.. and from there it all started… bubbly, cute thing.. ofcourse my dance company… awesome company to hang out with 
Ashwin: attukutti… yappa… ennatha nu solla.. a person who just loves to shout and curse me to death.. hahaha.. my kutti brother… fun fun fun… totally company has been real fun.. even the dull days of classes were made lighter with the tiny whiny arguments…. So this guy is all sooper fun to hang with..
Btw.. cant forget to mention his lovely mom… dei unna pakarthuku nan varla unnoda amma va meet panrathuku than vandean ;)
Siddhu: buddhu… another brother of mine… many times, though he is kutti.. there has been something which I have learnt from him daily as a person… he s a real darling!!!  he s extremely sweet and considerate and very very reasonable with no bloody bit of attitude… there have been many things which I have confided in him without even thinking once which can never be done… highly trust worthy :D.. dude will miss u…
Siddartha: can just remember the dance practice sessions… amazing fun company to be with and a good friend with a lot of sensibilities… its nice to have a friend who can talk no sense with a lot of sense and still make you feel really good about yourself at the end of such conversations… such kind of conversations I have had with sid and its great to know him…
Adi: FAFER FAFER FAFER…… thoroughly genuine and totally good at heart was the thing which first sturck me about this guy and it did appeal to me a lot… all the discussions on corruption skits and other things have been totally awesome and I surely knew that if there is something which I cant share with anyone and I needed someone to really understand it genuinely, then it has to be adi..
Vikram: hahahaha.. jus one word for u da… FUN!!!!!! Dude thanks for giving me those fun moments da… really its awesome knowing u…
Venky: a big time friend… common sensibilities, common interest struck the chord between us.. endless conversations and one big thanks for putting up with all my nonsense many a times which am sure I don’t have the real guts to share it anyone else than u… and ofcourse for singing ilaya nila on my request.. thankuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu  all the very many chats and discussions about zillion stuff have surely contributed in many new productive thoughts which are surely gonna be useful to both of us… dude better keep in touch..
Preeyaa: the last one with the cherry on the top… my total favourite.. all time fav and my darling.. as I keep telling priya she s a partner.. partner in everything in every sense and at any time In the day and night… it’s a fact that girls take time to get closer with eachother but in our case in was so quick and immediate we never even realized and now when the time has come, it difficult for both of us to really think of not messaging each other……. Darling and I can put up with all her nonsense and so does she.. and our conversations always start with… “hey priya, u know wat..” and “hey nivi, idhu unakku theriyuma..” and goes for endless hours…. Boy will miss every bit of it…
These were some of the people who have impacted my life in a big way in those fifteen days… this doesn mean that others have not contributed.. these ppl have contributed in a bigger way when compared to the others… thanks to one and all.. and guys do keep in touch and do keep mailing;… as sid says I will be stacking the internet so my mails will be flowing in continuously…

Thanks guys for adding so much value to my life! :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

sitting by the side of a window as his thoughts lingered in my mind
not for moment could i think of being away was possible
for always i thought he was the perfect one for me
he did be most happier only with me, ALWAYS!

some random stuff whcih came in when i was travelling on my way to manglore in train and it was raining outside.. so the scenery from inside was beautiful which got translated into poetry...

Thursday, June 09, 2011

She was there with me all this while
And now it’s the time to abid goodbye
I loved her so much than anyone else
I used to fight with anyone who used to talk ill about her
I have crawled on her lap all my life time
I have cried, laughed and enjoyed the best moments of my time with her
I have taken all the liberty with her
She has been there when I needed her the most
She has been so protective of me all these years
All the late night outs with friends, patiently putting up with me
Extremely caring and always loving
Now she’s none other than-
Vandorai vazavaikum “tamizhagam”… :)

Struck me very hard right in the heart that I will be missing Chennai terribly in a months time!

Friday, June 03, 2011

after getting the much needed inspiration from the self, i put down an incident which happened in the sai baba temple..
after completing the usual meditation in the room which was very calm.. when i was walking down, i observed that there was a kid who must have been around 5-6 years... kids below 10 years were not allowed inside the meditation room. extremely adorable and cute.. as the age specifies, this kid was undoubtedly curious to know what his mom was doing inside the meditation room. his inquisitive nature made him cry to glory. i have always had a soft corner for kids and i love to ruffle their hair as they will just be as high as my thighs.. i ruffled his hair and said " en azuga kuttiku" he looked at me with eyes filled with tears which were just waiting to touch his cute little cheeks. his mom lifted him up and said "aunty kekara paaru en azahara.. azakudadhu..."

and i heard a volcano bursting inside... it was my heart... and i told myself i need to get used to the word AUNTY.. its painful... but when i have tejas, don i have a choice to complain. i have become a athai and now just the translation of the same in angilam...

always the most difficult period will be the transition period as mentally u know you are still a kid or young.. but the people around you may perceive you to be different and more matured... and am not an exception to this logic...

and am just struggling to make my way into the required sphere....