Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This morning i woke up with a shake. I had a dream as to how i miss my friend. Now i realise how its just not a dream only. Its more than that! its reality! Its hard to take. All the sudden visits to Vandana towers is all over.... all chatting merily for hours in the near by park is over.. all the intellectual and stupid talks are all over.... End of era!!! All my friends who were like the small and the big world i would have thought of till now have all started hunting for their own lives. Same is the case with me! Still it hurts! Now one of them have gone to banglore for her journalism course. What do i say? She may not be able to understand how much i miss her! Three of my others friends are working in audit firms whom i rarely get to meet! Now this is what i call CHANGE!

Change is so painful yet its beautiful and powerful!

miss u shil....... (one post specially for you... because i cannot control it... just wanted to tell someone)

Big hug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheesh..! i just realised that we have all grown up! cha... i hate this!

Do u believe in platonic relations?

I believe in it and have experienced it couple of times. To put precise I have loads of guy friends. Frankly I am jabbering person and I can go on talking with any person non stop with out making any sense to anyone. Now the question is whether platonic relationships exist or not…

Some random thoughts…

“They exist… but I dunno whether I have had any….”

“I have experienced them and they sure exist!”

“They don exist … whats the necessity of a girl to have relationship with a guy or vice versa when she can share many more things with the person in the same gender”

“In this world, noone can be independent and self sufficient! Its always good to have friends in the opposite sex so that many things which cannot be told to the person in the same sex can be told to the person in the opposite sex”

I have posted many posts on my friends who are girls but never thought of posting on the others…. So here it goes…!

Each one of us will have our own comfort zone with each person and it varies with each person. Although it varies with each and every person, I mean the degree of closeness. But I have always found a transparency in friendships with a guy which is very rare to find with girls. The transparency in friendship with girls is not possible because sometimes they are unbelievably secretive. It’s too hard to predict what they think and feel about you. As far as guys are concerned, jus sit in front of them and break open the thing which is breaking your head and spontaneously u will get an answer and that’s the hard truth. Now it all depends on how strong you are to mentally take the truth!

Few are truly cool friends that they go to any extent of helping me out. few are hesitant enough to do anything, yet they are sweet and good friend! Now what do I say, they will be nice only because they have got a person like me!!!( ok.. i get that eggs and tomatoes are outside my room door.. i shall stop it before u start throwing!!!)

Frankly speaking, except for some handful of people who are my best friends I can declare that I have failed to maintain transparency with friends who are girls.! However that’s not the case with the guy friends!

Do I have to be happy or sad???

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A day when I felt I was special to many many people who were around me. It meant a lot to me when I spoke with those friends of mine who were absolutely scared than me… oh ya! I am talking about the same marks stuff! The minute I sent message to people that I cleared.. I got calls.. more calls.. much more and many more… few of them giving a sigh of relief, a few shedding tears of happiness, and many congratulating! It feels good when we come to know that there are people to care for us and share our happiness! It was like conquering half of mount everest! Now that half is done the other half will be much more a rough ride! So getting ready for that!

By the way, my day was made that day!:)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Final Bliss of air....

there came the news that I cleared PE-2( for all those who are not aware of it, its the chartered accountancy course second level)...! Am glad about it!:)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

look at the pic... brde hitting the groom with garland;P
just before the thali scene;P
ammi medhichu arundhdhi parthu
wow... mehendi.... looks beautiful:)

grooms kasi yatra
Wedding s are made in heaven
Customs are made by human beings!!!

Where shall I start? What do I write?
I am confused. A few days back, I was one of those ignorant fools who didn’t believe in the elaborate customs involved in marriage. Little did I know that one marriage could change the whole perspective about my opinion on weddings. Just a week ago, my cousin got married. It was loads of fun. Fun is an understatement. While I am typing out this post loads of confusions running around in my small brains…
So finally decided to give snap shots of what happened in the marriage….. and one disclaimer is the pics r not in the chronological order.. forgive me for that.. its the mistake of my blog.. its not uploading pics in the same order:)