Monday, June 26, 2006

The black mark season..

In my school, there is a custom that whomsoever behaved badly or fought with anyone( I mean physical fights like hitting, biting etc) or whomsoever were talking in class or irregular submission of homework were given a BLACKMARK. There were thirty boxes in total, and after a student gets ten or twenty or thirty black mark he or she will be asked to go and stand infront of the principal room for the rest of the day. If that person was lucky enough he or she will get it in the beginning of the day so that they need not attend the rest of the classes.

Well, when I heard of this word, I thought that they will just keep some record of these and will just keep a black point against the name and that’s it! But as usual I was wrong. It had many more things to offer. This was basically like a chart stuck in the class and each one of our names were written on the chart and each one of us could see the number of black marks which others got! Initially when this was started, it was more of a terrorizing factor for all of us. I was very scared and I behaved like “good girl”(sounds ironical right? Well that was me). The first year after this came into existence I got NO blackmark and believe me I was very very happy. That year during the hols I went around people and my flat friends telling that I got NO black mark.

Then the next year came, by that time I had got bored of staying like a good girl(dog’s tail cant be straightened u see) so again I started of with all these talking stuff and irregular submissions etc etc.. after a point of time, everyone in my class especially the guys had this competition kind of thing in which they competed against each other as to who will get the maximum number of black marks in a year. Infact for few of them, they were really bratty that the thirty boxes which actually given were not enough. They needed MORE!! And best thing was after this came up, everyone of us were very much aware of the consequences of anything which we do. Maximum punishment will only be two or three black marks at a stretch.

And I was lucky enough to get 13 blackmarks(most of them for talking in class or not doing homework). I was infact feeling thrilled on the day when I got my tenth black mark because for the first time I was allowed to bunk classes like this with the teachers permission! But to my utter disappoint it was the last period and so it was no point for me to bunk the last hour because the last period was anyways P.T. or something!!

Bad luck u see!!!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Morning walks… and the park…

One thing for which I have always had aversion is nothing but waking up early and going for walking. It has always been near to impossibility for me to get up in the morning for morning walk! But ironically, I have started doing the same for the past four or five days. I am really amused by this fact!

I really have to tell about the place where I go for walk.. it is actually a park very near to my place, the name is nageshwara park. Earlier this park was known for its untidy dirty environment. The park had garbage thrown all over the place. There were iron rods here there which were broken and were very badly rusted. And most importantly it was known for the urinated smell, which it always gave because mostly people went inside that park for that purpose only. So undoubtedly, it was full of mosquitoes 24*7. the nearing neighborhoods were suffering a lot.

The turning point came when the ‘sundaram finance’ took up this the park and decided to renovate it. Now its undoubtedly its one of those very few parks which are very well maintained and its full of greenery. Morning walks have become a very common feature over there. Thus in the process reduced the crowd in the beach to a very great extent. The people from in and around this area prefer coming to the park and once you become the regular walker in the park, you will come to know many people. This park has many more to offer. There is something called the Laughter club in which people stand in a circle and laugh in all different ways possible. This has been scientifically prove very healthy as it is known that ‘laughter is the best medicine’. And again there are free yoga sessions provided.

There are no interesting characters as such in the mornings who come to the park for walk, but the fun or the gala time is only in the evening when the tiny tots come there to play. There are just too adorable. But one thing is for sure. None of the kids are regular to the park so its kind off difficult to catch up with their names.

Once when I had gone to the park in the evening around four out of sheer boredom of sitting all day alone at home, I saw two kids who were actually sisters playing in the park. If I am not wrong, I think the elder sister was around 5 years old and younger around 3 yrs. I was looking at the way in which these two were playing and the younger one comes to me and pulls me and asks her to come and play with her(in her language which I didn’t understand but I had her sister help me out in decoding “THE CODE”. After sometime of play the kids leave home and for the first time in my life I even experienced something very new. It has never occurred to me.. I was sitting under a big tree and slowly I began to loose myself and started admiring the nature’s beauty. There was noone next to me and the place was in absolute silence. I was able to listen to the minute of the chirping which the birds did and was able to fell the cool breeze of the wind. It was slow and cool and I felt as though there was also a melodious tune of flute accompanying the wind. Considering the fact that I am a very very very restless person and I had always not believed to all those nature poets whose poems we were asked to read in school. But that was one day which made me sit over there for about three hours continuously. I was able to feel my world, my freedom, my nature everything of mine.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Long time since I posted anything.. Well, all I can think about writing now is about my trip to Delhi, Amritsar, Haridwar.

Delhi- It was a place where I had stayed for about an year and I was very comfortable with this place(except for the summer season, winter was total fun). Had gained a lot of friends during that time and ofcourse had my cousins staying over there. So practically I knew quite a lot of things about Delhi. I knew quite a lot of markets in Delhi for shopping and for hanging out. So the stay over there was fun. Ofcourse to add on to the fun we went for fana in a PVR called WAVES (if I am not wrong). After which I have fallen in love with Aamir khan.. Wow.. Great movie!!! Not to forget that little kid.. one scene where the kid tells ways if wasting milk and how his mom will find it is just an example.

Haridwar- wow.. Comparatively a cool place.. The stay was only for a day or two but the food and the climate(atleast it was kind of pleasant when compared to the others) over there was really good. The stay was very comfortable except for our driver who was very very very irritating. He was talking all the time totally boring us. Its not like I hate to listen to people talking, but its just that he was unimaginably boring.
Having bath in the ganges is the best thing anyone can even think off!!! But one word of caution to all those people who are planning to take bath in the Ganges like what I did. Please be careful.. see to that that when u are having a bath in the Ganges, rubber tyres and plastic covers don’t cling onto your neck. It happened to me. It was very funny but at the same time it made me think about many things (well now I am not all that ‘thinking about many things’ but still....

Amritsar- place of turbans!!!(no offences). But I did get tired of looking at turbans all the time in the city!!! Pa.. where ever I turned was looking at long beard and turbans!!! Well one thing.. the golden temple was awesome. Though I was not all that convinced about their beliefs and practices. It was very hot there too!!!!!! Very hot…
This was my ten days ‘summer’ trip to ‘hot places’. Huh… its all overL back to square one! Same usual routine .. waaaahhhh!!!!