Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I recently went for this cocktail party hosted by my colleagues on occassion of their promotion. Yeah! four of them had got promoted as Managers and one had got promoted as a Senior executive. It was fun, I vivdly remember the party which we had last year.. the same promotion party at GRT temple bay. I must admit, we had ultimate fun. What added to the fun which we had last year was, it was all new to us. Those people whom we often saw staring/ glaring at us , screwing up someone else s life, those people who didn even bother to share a smile at us, those people who didn acknowledge our presence (btw at some point of time, we thought they were not normal) were all actually talking to us and most imporantly "Laughing " and sharing lighter moments even with us. We had never seen our colleagues to be fun filled at that point of time. Last time was more like an exploration of the unknown side of many people. I would say, I came to know abt the humane side of people at office.

This time, I was no more a fresher... An oldie as far as office is considered... Nevertheless, it has not made any difference to my "Gang of friends" (if at all i have any.. i mean the friends with whom i can move about with... i would say its very less..) Best part of these parties and the only part for which i look upto is dance floor... I have balls time over there!!!!! Dance for any XYZ song ... what and how u dance is not the criteria... the point is u must dance.... However bad u are u must dance.... And yea.. i too danced danced danced and danced a lot..... Along with dancing many others were involved in the process of making a party which is worthwhile to get into the history of "interesting parties" by drinking and drinking.... as the very name says... "COCKTAIL party"... hmmm....

Yea... everything got over by 11.30 p.m. and we got back home!!!!

Much needed break i must say!!!!!!! :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yay!!!! there i go for a hundred... Just pooled in some of the things which i had written a very long time back!!

I shall start afresh later....
Random thoughts
something which affected me in a big way..
1. Character is something wat i am when noone s looking at true is that?
2.Wat is win in life?
3. Are u living your life to the fullest???
I want to be at nothing!
I love to be at nothing!
I am best when I am at nothing!
But I hate to do nothing!
When he smiles,I am glad
When he shouts,I am even more glad
When he feels touched,I am proud of myself
When he tells something good,I walk away blessed!
For all I know thatI have made a difference to someone’s life! :)

courtesy- shilpa for talking about something which kindled my thoughts!:)))
what is love?

It is unconditional and to be shared
It is a sign of celebration
No expectation
No loss
No disappointment
No attachment
Only commitment
That’s love for u!:)
Power of independence

A state of being
reflection of mind
sign of dignity
symbol of greatness and prosperity
if u enjoy it u are a true winner
if not what are you doing out there?
ninety six going on ninety seven...
feeling too good to be here!!!(Intended to be sung in the tune of "sixteen going on seventeen...." from soun of music)

yea!!! My blog is fast approaching hundred... Cant wait for that post!!! it all gotta be fun!!!!
I wondered in the morning as to why i am so ecstatic about the fact that my posts are gonna cross hundred... but then suddenly it struck me, if it was not me who would get excited about it, who else will??? Afterall, whatever crap, shit or good posts are there, everything is mine... my brain child and my efforts.. Started this blog in January 2006 and am really happy to say that its still going good!!!!!!!!! TOUCH WOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very soon my friend shil will also be crossing the "hundred milestone". She created her blog exactly a day after i started posting and these two years have been really great!!!!!! filled with memories... Be it posting something on my friends on their birthdays or anything about my moods or any interesting person or boring person i have met or adventure moments from my life... be it anything... I have loved it. This blog has been there when i have wanted to while away time... A Good Time Pass i must say!!!!!!!!

The other day, I was having some conversation with someone and let that person be R

R is refering to 6 th post on this web page!!!1
R:I read your all your posts, the one about one of your seniors too
Me: Oh ok.
R: YOu had torn him apart in that post
Me: Yeah ... (In a disinterested way... coz i really don care about that guy)
R: He will die if he reads that post (Nakka pudingindu sethuduvan)
Me: Let him do whatever he wants to do. I am not bothered.

Yeah!!!!! all of u reading will be thinking i am a bitch or something of that sort... Again little do i bother for all this.
BLOG is my space!!!!! and i will do whatever i feel like doing!
My freedom! :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

This post is not intended to be in any said fashion...... just some random thoughts

Changes which i would want to foresee in near future...

Become a CA over night
Get a boyfriend....... Highly unlikely i guess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get permission to always surf on the net during work hours
Become a poet and write poems on guys... ;) (Baah humbug!!!)

People around me consider me to be this filled with attitude, notorious, crazy, cranky and etc etc person which according to them is not a good thing and all... but to my knowledge, no character is good or bad, we just need to see whether it is annoying us or not... if it is not annoying, then just go ahead... be proud to have something which others do not have.... Off late everyone around me have started asking me one question very often and they just refuse to believe whatever i say!!!!!!! everyone thinks that i am committed!!!!! now, gos only knows who created this and how???? starting from my dance teacher to my friends ... whole thing sounds so funny!!! kinda really crazy!!!! and then.... BANG!!!1 reality hits!!!!! how unwanted can anyone feel???? yeah... thats what i feel!!!!

yea yeah.... i hear all you guys saying "you will get the best one very soon"
some of you people telling "wait... you are just too young.. and you will find the right one very soon" and crap
everything is crap... sheer crap...

p.s.- the author has given the above comments with only one thing in mind... she does not wish to see any of those above stated sentences (or sentences with similar meaning) in the comments section... so pl remeber that!!!! think twice before you post a comment!!!!! ;)

Thursday, November 20, 2008


the very essence of life...All of us derive inspiration from some way or the other from some one or the other or from some thing or the other. Let it be deriving inspiration from a child the way it craves for a chocolate and goes on and on talking in its gibberish language which is decipherable only by itslef(not even any other child of the same age group)... Well you might be thinking why she is talking about kids and choloates and stuff???? to put it simple, inspiration is the main element driving any human beings life...

and so is my blog... I blog whenever anything interesting or sweet or adventuorous or scary or bad happenes to me...
And the reason why i am posting this is not because of any of the above things.. This blog is purely because one of my friends (few months ago a "colleague") has started writing a blog.

This whole system of blog has given me and the people around me a lot of things...
Large circle of sensible and "think alike" friends, my best friend found her partner etc etc...
Well to continue... I met this guy almost 10 months back... Have been through all times with him. HAd never even known before till i started working with him that he was also an intern in office. I rarely used to see him and NEVER spoke with him. All of a sudden came fro mno where and we started talking about all the things i found wierd and what he found weird in me. Initially i must admit that he was too quite but highly dangerous for the amount of ragging he used to do. I was a real prey. I used to take that and still put on a smile for all i knew that he would be a great friend(just like raghavan instinct, ... i guess it was nivedita instinct)

Time flew by, two months we worked on one client and got know each other very well.. atleast to the extent that we were able to put up with eachothers nonsense...(Guess thats what is needed in friendship... accept the other person as they are).

Have been insanely rude wit hhim, he has ben insanely rude with me too.. but do we care????

Rags me to the core and still manages to put on the innocent boy s face!!!! world might fall for that... but good luck next time da!!!!

A source of inspiration in many ways... a trusted friend and one of the sensible people whom i have come across in office. For all that i know, he s reliable for me and the most approachable person at any point of itme for any silly damn shitty thing.... There to lend a shoulder anytime..

Enough of good things... coming to the best part... vetti scene poduvan.. god only knows why!!!!!!!!!!!!

He came in when i really needed a friend at work....

Thanks a lot for many things!!!:) wish u remain the same

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


and so on and so forth
I can just go on rambling and rambling..... A very long time since I posted anything on my blog.
This temporary disappearance was because of the tax audits and ... and .... stuffs like that!!!! Thats the sacrifice one has to do for doing articleship in a big four.... but never mind if you like what you are doing...

Well frankly, i don want to talk about work on my blog.

I take this oppurtunity to pray to god to do give something really inspiring so that i can write something about it on my blog!!!!!!

Really bugged!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008


I am gonna tag shil, indu, ganesh.... and and.. well i guess thats all... too lazy to type out names.....

1) One achievement in my life?
Spilling ink on my english teacher in 10th standard and the rest is history

2) One thing i would do over and over again..
Listen to my fav songs, talk talk talk talk... blah blah blah blah

3) Best people in my life...
Irritating brother (pain in the ass)... mom (she treats me like a child!!!).... dad( Keeps telling me to try acting like a girl!!!) :(.. he says i act like a guy!!!! my friends... who came up with and call me "casanivi"(casi-nova)

4) Hang out.....
My second home..... bessy and thiruvanmiyur beach..... Since these two are my second home, thi's home has also been included in the list of my hang out places......

5) idea of perfect holiday....
get up really late... watch kick ass mornings on MTV ... keep lying on the bed till one in the noon... go out for lunch with friends.... talk talk talk.... hang out.... meet more people.... get back home and chat with parents,... watch tv and then sit on the comp chatting endlessly......

6) people whom i hate....
Vetti scene potta....(sorry was not able to help telling that in tamil).. dishonesty and back biting....

7) bike or car?
bike drive.. any day!!!!!

8)best birthday gift...
This year my friends took me to a old age home and they had ordered for a meal for all of them at the home in my name.... all the old patties wished me, prayed for me and blessed me... what more can i ask??? i was overwhelmed, thrilled and was really touched..... all the old people were sitting and watching "basha" and one of them was telling us her love story.....(what a revolutionary person???). most of time i think that i don have meaning in my existence. But after meeting them, i am inspired to live for more number of years....

9)Desktop or laptop?

10) water or juice?
water anyday!!!!!

this is a very short list....

am bored of thinking...... if any of u can think of more things, just add on.....

bye of now.......

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Some random thoughts...

I love to message.... but i hardly do that these days

Long walks near the sea shore with my friends or even alone.... gives me a lot of peace

Late night chats with my friend online...

Listening to random songs

Talking about random people, random things and totally unassociated thigns to the people around me

Love dancing.... (@*$%ing reasons why i don continue it now....)

extrovert, very very short tempered..... I am diplomatic at work... but they think that am "timid"... DO they even know about me at all???? CRAP! Whatever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This happened some few days back.... I go for audits to a clients place every quarter... thats a listed client...(now i shall not go into the details about what a listed client is ....) ... There was this guy from the HR department who actually asked me out but i had handled that situation with a lot of dignity and denied it. However Few of my colleagues at office insisted that i should keep my senior on the job informed about what happened for FYI purposes.
I never wanted to bring this topic to him because of the following reasons
1. I had given a lot of reasons for him to be mad at me.. Yes...
2. He has very intimate relationship with the client.....

But finally there I go, after being forced by two of my colleagues, i went and spoke to my senior about this after 2 weeks... And after i saw his reaction I was truly shocked! really..... What the *&%$? What was he thinking of me? or rather what does he think of me? A call girl or what???? Felt like bashing him right away!!! And the worst part is, he is one person i have been working with most of the times ever since i stepped into EY.

It is one the few things about which i have always been happy and proud.... i.e. working with him.... but i guess i was truly wrong.... ultimately wrong... felt cheated at the end of it all...

Well i have to confess something. I very rarely expect things from people that to from people whom i hardly know. To be very frank, i never expected him to even react to it. I had informed about the happening of this incident. The following are the exact words which he actually told me!(VERBATIM)

" I am ok with it if u finish of the work, as far as i am concerned whether you go out with some person or not is not my concern. Its upto you whether u want to maintain an informal/formal relationship with the client There is nothing like professional and unprofessional....." And he sighted some example of his relationship with one of the employees over there.... Did he think that i was asking him permission to go out with that guy????? What was he thinking after all???

Frankly speaking, I have not told anyone as to how irritated i felt... I don expect him to even empathise with me.... Least he could have done is just lend an ear.... The worst thing is it scares me more when i think that he was the only person with whom i have been working will all this while and he has such an opinion about me! What if others at office also think the same way? But little do i care!!!!!!!!!!!!

TO add on more... my manager says i add more value to the softer aspects of life! Wat the hell does he mean by that? He might know it better if he was girl!

Ever since then, little do i care about what people think! sheer shitty world!

Am asking one question to myself.... Nan nallavala kettavala??? (nayagan isshtyle);) ha ha ha ha...

what ever..... Am not bothered about what people think about me!

P.s- Blog is a place where i can talk freely... without any restrictions... with a lot of authority and freedom... So i can crib, curse and rave about anything in this world!!!!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Disclaimer: An attempt to write a poem after a very long time....

don know how it has come out........

Its over an year now, a new kind of life

With different people with different backgrounds

So-called a “work place”

Vivid remembrance of the first few days of people sharing

Their experiences, joyous moments and adventures

At their “second home”, long hours of work

Loads of team work, loads of fun

Sharing lighter moments at high pressure times

Surely, its not a joke!

This year was filled with events,

Loads of new friends

Loads of well wishers

Lots of acquaintances

Challenging, life is MADE hard

With only one intention

To make you stronger!

Many lessons of life have been learnt

More to go, and shall be a diligent student

To all that life has to teach me!

Can’t stop from talking about this

Inspiring, dare devil, enthusiasm

Diligence, patience, efficient

Admirable, rockstar, heroes…..

Are my colleagues!

I have been there observing them all quietly all these days!

Whatever I am, Whatever I may be, Whatever I will be, it makes me feel proud to be associated with such group of people!

Few things are easier to write rather than to tell. Few of them are easier to be felt. Its very difficult to describe in words. They are just INDESCRIBABLE!

Most of the times I have just kept my mouth shut at my workplace, I wonder why?! This is something I have not told anyone except for very few of my friends. Wonder why! Wonder why! Am wondering!:) Lets all keep wondering why!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dear ______,

You have been the reasons for me to have been alive most of the times... YOu have helped me to cool when i was tensed, when i was depressed, when i was irritated... you have given me best of all thoughts to cherish..... you have been the reason for me to be what i am today.... my day completes only with a talk with you where we share all our thoughts and you make me feel so good. But the time has come when i wont be able to spend more time with you because of increasing commitments and change in priorities........ i know you are always there for me..... i will get back very soon... this is just a temporary phase... and am sure everything will get back to normalcy very soon.... i will miss you a lot till then....... i love you a lot!!!!!!! i really love you....

really love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muah!!!!!!!!!!

good bye sleep!!!!!!!! :(

Sunday, April 20, 2008

rules of the game.......:
1. each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2. people who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.
3. at the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names. don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.
4. if you fail to do this within eight hours, you will not reach third series or attain your most precious goals for at least two more lifetimes.

About myself!!!

1. I am highly short tempered.... sometimes its better to stay away from me when i am not in good moods... I hate it when people don give me my space in relationships... Normally i will end up giving my piece of mind to them which will invariably be the last time they talk to me...

2. One good thing is off late i have stopped expecting things from people around me... Let them be however weird they wish to be. but i will be the way i am!!!

3. I am highly cranky once i warm up to you...

4. Love listening to any kind of music... more often people around me think that i am committed... but I am SINGLE!!!!!!!!!

5. I dream a lot............... About many many things................. its truly amazing to do that!!!!

6. I don write well.. i know that... but i don know why i have this blog still on!!!!

7. As ganesh said, i swear a lot these days for no good reason

8. my new found passion is caricatures..... learning to draw caricatures...............

there goes the eight random facts about myself..............!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I am a post graduate now!!!!!! Wondering how??? I have my B.Com degree with me right now... Plus i flew a pattam(kite) in the beach the other day.... so that gives me the edge of being a post graduate....

Two times* graduation = post graduation...

Two times * pattam(Kite or degree)= post graduation..... ;P

ok... I have lost it.... see ya later!!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

The minute i touch the key board to type out a post these days, these are the few things which i automatically do...!!!
Now this i would call it as the over dosage of excel.....

I have seldom thought of why I end up cribbing so much on my blogs... In person i don crib this much!

I hate Adulthood.... Its a whole piece of shit!

I hate illiteracy and small children working

I hate people who are not genuine and they just pretend to be something when they are actually not one!!!!!!

I love music of any kind....

I love to dance... Rather enjoy dancing

Now this is some random thing which i am typing out.... bear with me!!!!

hmmmm.... Sigh!
For now thats all....

Saturday, March 22, 2008

My love....

He came like a breeze to whisper in my ears,
That he loves me
He very slightly lingered around my feet
To play with me
He spoke to me many things
Without uttering a word
He threw open my hair
Just to play around with it
Looking at him is a treat
And i know for sure that his beauty is plentiful!!!!

Thats nature for you :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Scenery 1
Scenery 2
At the suicide point....
Scenery 3
"Disco night ;P

Long time awaited posted….

Atlast about the off site!!!!

The word off site gives me enormous energy and am totally enthu for no reason. The major confusion is… from where do I start??? Now this is a question to be pondered over!

Hmm… Ok.. Let me start of with the packing plan. (This post might end up being filled with names… here’s my disclaimer) After much introspection and last minute shopping(which I did), Lakshmi, Radhika and myself arrived at a fairly accepted wardrobe which was going assist us during the trip. We had a lot inhibition(god knows for what!).

Thursday night- We boarded the train at sharp 8.30p.m.. As we started heading towards mettupalayam, we started playing cards. There were a lot of people playing cards (some of them betting money also.. OMG!!!!) However we did not play for any money as we were all amateurs. We played played and played… that’s what we did till one in the night. All thanks to Bilal who taught us the brilliant game of “fruits” or “kings” by whatever names it is called.

Friday morning- We reached mettupalayam at 6 in the morning. It was such a brilliant morning. It was dark, yet with very gentle rays touching us across. It was a refreshing and energizing morning. We had biscuits and tea/coffee and headed to the bus to reach our DESTINATION (THE place.. OOTCAMUND ). Oh, now comes the embarrassing part… The bus in which I was traveling got delayed solely because of me and my non stop puking! It was SHIT EMBARRASSING. After creating the much needed hype and after gaining the needed attention I finally allowed the rest of them to the sterling resort. We freshened ourselves, had super breakfast. Our plan was to go to Doottabetta or the suicide point. This place was the usual. The highlight was the horse riding. It was damn good. I was so tempted to go for the second time. But something disastrous could have happened. The horse on which I went for the ride for the second time was a angry one and it took revenge on me by almost getting into the bushes. Just the way Ross claims of this “near death experience” I proclaim that it was really a near death experience.

Now comes one the major events of Ooty trip.. We had games games and more of games.

Now few highlights…

Dhenu, Monisha eating two big green chillies

Neelanjana having the fag non stop(being a girl, I must say its an achievement)

And not to forget the war wounds… People leading the list




They had cut their hands while cuttings oranges for making the juice

Funnier moments

The lemon and spoon game… The lemon was just not getting passed on. It was dropped by everyone of them and it was funny. More importantly it was more fun than funnier! (Hope you get what I say)

Friday night continued with dance, crazy dance, crazier dance and craziest dance… It was loads of fun… ( I consider dance to be the most fun part of my life and I must say I had awesome fun). After the dance and the dinner we headed to crash on the bed as we had had a very long tiring day.

Saturday morning- After the morning supper, we headed to the botanical garden. It was pleasant with the gentle breeze mixed with the warm rays of sun blowing on us and making us feel really good about the climate (atleast for a person from Chennai, such kind of change in climate is required). After the botanical garden the various photo shoots of plants and ferns, we had the boating at Pykara Lake. There was nothing eventful during boating except for the many photos which we clicked. Then it was the “Go karting time”. It was the first time for many of us… Few highlights

Vijay VS Radhika race(quite a tight competition I must say… )

Bharat VS Vijay Gopal (super competition)

Shiva VS Srini (unexpected bang for Shiva)

Oh ya… one must not forget Ajoy’s plan to leave me with the car no 29 which was the cause for all the banging which happened that day!(but never mind… it still was good fun..)

The “almost dead souls” reached the sterling resort to get ready for the enetertainment night. We had “Karagatttam” for entertainment. What can I say? The man danced so well. He was amazingly graceful and most importantly, we picked a pin with his eye from a heap of sand with his karagam on his head without using his hands. It was truly brilliant. And fun part was we all got to dance with the Karagam once. So YIPPEEEE!!!

Followed by the karaoke night…. We had to sing… hmmm… I did get embarrassed for putting up an indecent show. But others did extremely well so I would say it was really good. The day was concluded by heating up the floor by dancing!

Sunday morning- Like any other Sunday….. All of us took ample rest, Few of us played table tennis (or rather tennis.. as the ball was NOT touching the table at all). Atleast we made an attempt to learn it.. After lunch, we checked out to reach back to Chennai for next days work. The journey was again filled with games but all in a very sober mood as all of us had lost all our energy during the last two days.

Now this has been very a long post… too long a post… I totally agree..

But these are just snapshots…

I have lots of things to be put down. But I shall stop for the moment.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008

After gaining a lot of self inspiration..

Well, there is not much happening in my life apart from Sanmar interim audit. Evenings seems to be the hardest part of the day these days because i have NOTHING TO DO! Its driving me crazy. Driving me crazy is an understatement. I would do anything to kill the boredom.

about my weekend till now... it has been great till now... yesterday we worked the whole day till six in the evening. Came back home around seven and my day by watching Rang de Basanthi on Set Max with a bite of Vegie delight and nestea for dinner.

Sunday has been uneventful. It started off as usual with my dance class(after a long time, i danced danced danced to burn my excess energy which has been stalked up inside for almost three to four months!). It felt good. Feels a lot better. And my day continued with some office work which i had to do over the weekend. Now sitting and aimlessly attempting to write a post.
Kinda bored with the usual stuffs happening in life. To put it in other words, I don't want to grow old. I don't want to become more matured and be serious all the time. I don't want to keep thinking before I utter a word. Its scary. Its a disgraceful and disheartening thing if a person does not have the freedom to voice out his/her opinion in this democratic country!

On the flip side... I have reasons to be happy. Two of my friends have completed their first anniversary ever since they got committed. so.. YIPPEE!!! and one of them has got a job as a journalist.... so here i go another time.. YIPPEE!!!!

I just have a question... Am I the only person cribbing about boredom? Am I abnormal and have i lost my senses or what? I have never found myself cribbing so much of life. Its getting too monotonous these days!!!! GOD HELP!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

There is always a choice behind "being something". And my choice to fall in love with my life is only because of reading a particular blog.

Will anyone still be feeling lost out in life? No way! give me a break! There need not be a reason to do something in my life. Just the will and plan- and thats all.. jus GO AHEAD DO IT!

and thats exactly what i am going to do! i love my LIFE! i am here to live and share it with the people around me! live for them and exprerience the eternal joy! its a pleasure to see the glitter in people s eyes when you they are happy with you. I would love to see and make them ahppy for all i know that keeping them happy will make me the happiest person on earth.

For example, After seeing my review in the news paper, my mom was the most happiest person going around like a kid and showing it to people around very proudly. Looking at her happy makes me feel very special.. After all i have brought a smile in someone s life! :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Yesterdays.... HUNGAMA!!! CRAZY TIME!!! wooossshh!!! what do I call that?

Awesome fun after some four months i guess... ultimate let out of thoughts.. bursting outi nto laughter for no good reason. Remebering old times, the funny things, embarrassing things, screwing up others in public just for the heck of fun, screaming, having balloon fights, licking all the chocolate cake with not even one drop left on the card board(well, DUH! noone can afford to miss the winners cake! its too too too good!)... throwing up a surprise for swats... talking about nonsensical things in life... giving the best embarrassing toast to swat like never before( and she over reacting) We would have laughed like mad people yesterday... I was left with such a bad headache at the end of it all(cause i had never laughed that much for a lot of days)... talking endlessly about out cochin trip and the ("things we did there"... and Silku guy and his james bond mimicry... all coz of Kiran!) that reminds me of the yana kutti song... what an entertainment she was! absolute fun she was!

Now, this was not the only thing which happened during the weekend.. it had going to thiruvanmiyur beach with thi... again, we were lost... but whether she was blabbering more or I is a question to be pondered over... however, we did influence one childs life that day by suggesting names to his mom..(as thi said, we just hope it doesn curse us for suggesting names to his mom.. after it grows up(Obviously!))... we did talk a lot that day... the crab chasing with which thi was totally fascinated about... and how much i got nervous after i saw a drunk girl walking with one girl almost falling..

All this with my foot ache and my dance class... and ofcourse movies... and FRIENDS! how could i miss on those two???

How colorful life will be if we had such meets quite often!!! truly my day was made... awesome super duper fun! oh ya...!!! like in the previous posts, i wouldn say i was not teased or screwed in public.. i was the prey this time!!!!!still.. it was fun!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Back from hibernation...

This is just to let people know that i am not dead. For quite sometime, i was "busy" with my so-called dance program rehearsals and office work etc etc(etc part shall not be revealed in public).
The problem these days with blogging is that i am running out of topics to type out. Nothing is as inspiring and fascinating as before. Have i grown up? have i got more matured or what? whatever it is, i hate it! truly hate it, for the very reason that this is just not me. I was a person who never wanted any reason to appreciate and admire things. But now, my thoughts have become more materialistic... Its painful... The more and more i think about this, it grows more i feel as though i am getting into the dark and ultimately feel lost. The curiosity pricks,(thats exactly whats happening with me ) but sometimes it scares me, what if i am not able to get back to normalcy after getting into that pitch dark world of endless and mindless thinking!

Apart from that, life is really going at great speed.
Lots of learning as every day passes by and that inspires me. But its just not inspiring enough to write something on that!


Thursday, January 17, 2008


One day, something banged on me,

In this self obsessed world little did I notice

That I was badly hurt

A person ran up to me worried

With eyes filled with concern

Heart filled with love

Her touch proved it all

The very moment, I fell in love with my life

Realized that someone cared about me than what I did,

Experienced the wholesome life which I was going to lead

Backing me with every step of mine

Letting me know that you are there for me always!

That’s when I realized that you are god’s very precious gift to me!

I shall cherish you FOREVER!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

"Taare zameen par" zarroor hai...

What will i have to say about a movie which is amazingly stunning, which kept me crying through out the movie, which is a true inspiration and a true eye opener for all those people who are not aware about dyslexia. A brilliant story with powerful cast and super screenplay which keeps us glued to the seats for full three hours. The story is just too real to be true. Its a mirror reflection of the life of many kids and it stirs our memory lane to the good or bad old days(somewhere, something, sometime ... the thoughts need not be related to the dyslexia... but still it does affect!).

Now, when i was watching the movie, i was able recollect few memories.. when i was in college i got a chance to work in a autistic school for special children, "V-Excel" for about a month. Frankly speaking the first day i met them, it was just too hard for me to digest the fact that god has created them in that way. They are like any other normal kid, but those kids need lots of more attention, love, encouragement, support and affection. Worst part is when they dont get the love which they need. thats when they grow wild and their lives stand to be royally screwed. In most cases its the society and most importantly the parents who demoralize the child just because the kid is not studying good enough to get into an engineering college or a medical colleges. I have seen parents openly cursing their kids when they leave their child to the school in the morning.

The attractive part of those kids are they are just too innocent and ultimately cooperating. Over a period of time, i felt that those kids had greater aspirations in life than what a normal common man would normally have! The grit and the confidence which they possess is truly amazing! they truly are winners! they have that zeal to achieve high! aim higher, set new records and create something OUT OF THE BOX!

God bless all the kids on earth and all should have a great life ahead coz they deserve the best!!!