Sunday, February 24, 2008

After gaining a lot of self inspiration..

Well, there is not much happening in my life apart from Sanmar interim audit. Evenings seems to be the hardest part of the day these days because i have NOTHING TO DO! Its driving me crazy. Driving me crazy is an understatement. I would do anything to kill the boredom.

about my weekend till now... it has been great till now... yesterday we worked the whole day till six in the evening. Came back home around seven and my day by watching Rang de Basanthi on Set Max with a bite of Vegie delight and nestea for dinner.

Sunday has been uneventful. It started off as usual with my dance class(after a long time, i danced danced danced to burn my excess energy which has been stalked up inside for almost three to four months!). It felt good. Feels a lot better. And my day continued with some office work which i had to do over the weekend. Now sitting and aimlessly attempting to write a post.
Kinda bored with the usual stuffs happening in life. To put it in other words, I don't want to grow old. I don't want to become more matured and be serious all the time. I don't want to keep thinking before I utter a word. Its scary. Its a disgraceful and disheartening thing if a person does not have the freedom to voice out his/her opinion in this democratic country!

On the flip side... I have reasons to be happy. Two of my friends have completed their first anniversary ever since they got committed. so.. YIPPEE!!! and one of them has got a job as a journalist.... so here i go another time.. YIPPEE!!!!

I just have a question... Am I the only person cribbing about boredom? Am I abnormal and have i lost my senses or what? I have never found myself cribbing so much of life. Its getting too monotonous these days!!!! GOD HELP!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

There is always a choice behind "being something". And my choice to fall in love with my life is only because of reading a particular blog.

Will anyone still be feeling lost out in life? No way! give me a break! There need not be a reason to do something in my life. Just the will and plan- and thats all.. jus GO AHEAD DO IT!

and thats exactly what i am going to do! i love my LIFE! i am here to live and share it with the people around me! live for them and exprerience the eternal joy! its a pleasure to see the glitter in people s eyes when you they are happy with you. I would love to see and make them ahppy for all i know that keeping them happy will make me the happiest person on earth.

For example, After seeing my review in the news paper, my mom was the most happiest person going around like a kid and showing it to people around very proudly. Looking at her happy makes me feel very special.. After all i have brought a smile in someone s life! :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Yesterdays.... HUNGAMA!!! CRAZY TIME!!! wooossshh!!! what do I call that?

Awesome fun after some four months i guess... ultimate let out of thoughts.. bursting outi nto laughter for no good reason. Remebering old times, the funny things, embarrassing things, screwing up others in public just for the heck of fun, screaming, having balloon fights, licking all the chocolate cake with not even one drop left on the card board(well, DUH! noone can afford to miss the winners cake! its too too too good!)... throwing up a surprise for swats... talking about nonsensical things in life... giving the best embarrassing toast to swat like never before( and she over reacting) We would have laughed like mad people yesterday... I was left with such a bad headache at the end of it all(cause i had never laughed that much for a lot of days)... talking endlessly about out cochin trip and the ("things we did there"... and Silku guy and his james bond mimicry... all coz of Kiran!) that reminds me of the yana kutti song... what an entertainment she was! absolute fun she was!

Now, this was not the only thing which happened during the weekend.. it had going to thiruvanmiyur beach with thi... again, we were lost... but whether she was blabbering more or I is a question to be pondered over... however, we did influence one childs life that day by suggesting names to his mom..(as thi said, we just hope it doesn curse us for suggesting names to his mom.. after it grows up(Obviously!))... we did talk a lot that day... the crab chasing with which thi was totally fascinated about... and how much i got nervous after i saw a drunk girl walking with one girl almost falling..

All this with my foot ache and my dance class... and ofcourse movies... and FRIENDS! how could i miss on those two???

How colorful life will be if we had such meets quite often!!! truly my day was made... awesome super duper fun! oh ya...!!! like in the previous posts, i wouldn say i was not teased or screwed in public.. i was the prey this time!!!!!still.. it was fun!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Back from hibernation...

This is just to let people know that i am not dead. For quite sometime, i was "busy" with my so-called dance program rehearsals and office work etc etc(etc part shall not be revealed in public).
The problem these days with blogging is that i am running out of topics to type out. Nothing is as inspiring and fascinating as before. Have i grown up? have i got more matured or what? whatever it is, i hate it! truly hate it, for the very reason that this is just not me. I was a person who never wanted any reason to appreciate and admire things. But now, my thoughts have become more materialistic... Its painful... The more and more i think about this, it grows more i feel as though i am getting into the dark and ultimately feel lost. The curiosity pricks,(thats exactly whats happening with me ) but sometimes it scares me, what if i am not able to get back to normalcy after getting into that pitch dark world of endless and mindless thinking!

Apart from that, life is really going at great speed.
Lots of learning as every day passes by and that inspires me. But its just not inspiring enough to write something on that!