Wednesday, July 06, 2011

we have had very many movies on how in a society like ours, it is so difficult for a guy to get over a relationship which he has had in the past with a girl. but not many have thought over the fact that a girl will also go through the same kind of emotions. this is something which has not been captured or much talked about. there are so many things which a girl prefers or rather chooses to keep it to herself which might be mainly with all the fear and opinions posed on her by the society that she chooses to hide it all from the entire world. the point to think about is whether is it justified in doing so? as in put a person (a girl or a boy) through this entire process.

The paradigm of love happens only with the power to choose. so at all points in times, its all about the choice which the guy and the girl makes at any point in time. many a times as it is commonly called in tamil as oru-thala-kadhal is also bound to happen, this is very common and the question is how we deal with it and get over it.

There are couple of questions to be answered first- do we start hating the person whom we loved and liked and chose to love and like for all this while for one single reason that he or she doesn like us? is it their fault? its just the same way we chose to like them they chose not to like us. its not anyones fault. But hating someone is not a solution for getting over that person. WE can continue to like someone and still move on with our life by concentrating on the things which attract more priority in our life. I often hear my friends saying "He/she s a asshole not knowing what a relationship is and how to maintain one and stuff. The question again is who are we and how on earth do we have any authority to talk about what one has to do in a relationship.

Therefore to cut it short, its only a matter of choice as most of the things in life are, and we need to just spread love and not spread unhappiness! thats the ground rule...

it goes like this... engirundhalum vazhga! spread good wishes to everyone and stay peaceful! :D