Friday, January 26, 2007

Longest ten seconds of my life!

Yesterday was fun! They took us to MGM Dizzee world. I know it might sound little kiddish. I thought the same thing and didn’t want to go! But I t was fun! Went for almost all the rides except for the water world!

One ride which is worth mentioning here ranger! It went 360 degrees! Well, how exciting does that sound? Yesterday was the first time I went for that ride and it was really great! And the best part was, I sat alone for that ride.. in the sense there were two seats in each row and since I didn’t have a partner, I had to sit alone and BOY! God only knows how scared I was! There was a point where we were made to stand over there in the air upside down for about 10 seconds! That’s when I realized how precious my life was for myself if not for anyone else! Just the way Ross declares to everyone that “its his second gifted life”(in one of the episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.) I declare that this is my second lifeJ
It was a real fun day yesterday though the after effects of yesterdays suthufying!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Random thoughts
something which affected me in a big way..
1. Character is something wat i am when noone s looking at me...
how true is that?!?

2.Wat is win in life?

3. Are u living your life to the fullest???

4. circumstance VS urself... whos winning?

5. Are you at NOTHING?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Harder lessons of life!

I was happy, when I was born
There were always ten people around me
To notice me laugh, cry and play around
The world of toys it was!

In my childhood days, I was excited
Was waiting to grow up
Liked to be treated like a grown up
Having a whole bunch of new friends

Then came the long awaited adolescence
These days still very fresh in my mind
All the teasing and major fun i had
The crushes and first love!

End of schooling, I was happy than ever
I became an adult, Lots of responsibilities
Total new world with new people
And I am struggling to face the world
Why were all the hype created, I wonder?!?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mylapore festival

There was this mylapore festival in mylapore(duh! obviously) in the first week of the new year. After much compulsion by my dad and mom i went with them. To be very frank with it has been very very long since i went to the pakka mylapore side.. i mean though i live in mylapore, i haven been to the "REAL MYLAPORE". I really thought it will be boring will all the puja articles being displayed for sale which doesn't suit my interest. But it was to my surprise... it had real good stuffs to buy. starting from the usual mami stuffs like pickles to all nice bags and accessories to puja items to most importantly good food. the pakka brahmin iyer food was there. It was fun. More than fun it was a good change for me to see different kind of people. Oops almost forgot.. they were from my community. totally different people with pakka acharam still. They still see all the echal, pathu stuff.

oh ya almost forgot!
i did buy a bag which i like the most! the favourite bag ever!