Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Entered a new world with no expectation
To just come across ten new people
In whose company I was my-self
To tell about my acquaintances
Are they angels or what?
For all the timely help and support from them
Getting to know them was a treat!
Razzmatazz came into existence
Another place to voice my crap
I met the Ms. Universe
A girl of values with an amazing heart!
Woa! The cute Bajaari of all times
Caring and sensitive baby is what she is
My best friend, deepa
A charming person with a radiant smile
Think of orkut and she is the GIRL
Vasu, she is truly fun!
This girl is synonymous to entertainment
And that pudy cat for you!
A sweet thing with a golden heart
She wins over with her vandichi tamil
With all the hissing these angels created memories to be cherished!
Here are “personalities”
Puky: my confidant
Neetu: my humshakal
Shil: my chweetheart
Viji: my Prodigy
Swat: my Hanumani(female form)
Arthi: the charm
Apoorva: vo oru payunna putha…!
Krithika: bommal attam…!
Suman: dulhan!
All of us are crazy people
Born to do crazy things
My mouth tastes bitter
Wit the thought that everything is over!
College life was fun
With all the learning gone into it!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

She was late!
It was the "D" day
hurriedly came inside
dressed in red
with a bouquet of red roses
having no clue about her destiny
fear of his refusal dawns her

waiting in the table was the guy
the one of her dreams!
hesitantly she walks across
sits next to him
an air of silence surrounds them
with a shy smile on her face,
with the pink cheeks and the trembling voice she says,
having poured my life into yours
now its your turn!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

When he smiles,
I am glad
When he shouts,
I am even more glad
When he feels touched,
I am proud of myself
When he tells something good,
I walk away blessed!
For all I know that
I have made a difference to someone’s life! :)

courtesy- shilpa for talking about something which kindled my thoughts!:)))