Tuesday, December 05, 2006

On a solitary walk!

Today there was a rally for AIDS awareness conducted by my college. The walk was from Gandhi statue to Anna square. I wouldn’t say that it was not a long walk, but I enjoyed myself totally. Still my legs are hurting because of the walk but it was FUN! A day to be remembered in my life.

Firstly, the walk was in the beach. I always love walking in the beach be it in the hot sun or in the rain! Whatever it is, It is fun! I don need any friend or and anyone to walk with me. I love being alone at times. It sometimes goes to the extent that I just don’t feel like talking to anyone at all!

The breeze was just too soothing and it was totally refreshing every nerve in my body! There were around 4000 people around me walking in the rally, even my own friends going all cranky( they had totally lost it!) and few were quite thinking that they have to behave very well in the public and the stuff! but I continued to be in my dreamy world! God knows what I was dreaming about! I don remember it!

One horrifying thing was that there where some jobless creatures standing in the road to just look at us and pass comments. They were rating us as though they were looking at something on F TV! Brainless chaps I tell you!

Other than that, the day was brilliant! This walk made me realize a lot of things about myself!
this is one thing i would probably be thankful to my college!