Thursday, June 26, 2008

Disclaimer: An attempt to write a poem after a very long time....

don know how it has come out........

Its over an year now, a new kind of life

With different people with different backgrounds

So-called a “work place”

Vivid remembrance of the first few days of people sharing

Their experiences, joyous moments and adventures

At their “second home”, long hours of work

Loads of team work, loads of fun

Sharing lighter moments at high pressure times

Surely, its not a joke!

This year was filled with events,

Loads of new friends

Loads of well wishers

Lots of acquaintances

Challenging, life is MADE hard

With only one intention

To make you stronger!

Many lessons of life have been learnt

More to go, and shall be a diligent student

To all that life has to teach me!

Can’t stop from talking about this

Inspiring, dare devil, enthusiasm

Diligence, patience, efficient

Admirable, rockstar, heroes…..

Are my colleagues!

I have been there observing them all quietly all these days!

Whatever I am, Whatever I may be, Whatever I will be, it makes me feel proud to be associated with such group of people!

Few things are easier to write rather than to tell. Few of them are easier to be felt. Its very difficult to describe in words. They are just INDESCRIBABLE!

Most of the times I have just kept my mouth shut at my workplace, I wonder why?! This is something I have not told anyone except for very few of my friends. Wonder why! Wonder why! Am wondering!:) Lets all keep wondering why!