Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I recently went for this cocktail party hosted by my colleagues on occassion of their promotion. Yeah! four of them had got promoted as Managers and one had got promoted as a Senior executive. It was fun, I vivdly remember the party which we had last year.. the same promotion party at GRT temple bay. I must admit, we had ultimate fun. What added to the fun which we had last year was, it was all new to us. Those people whom we often saw staring/ glaring at us , screwing up someone else s life, those people who didn even bother to share a smile at us, those people who didn acknowledge our presence (btw at some point of time, we thought they were not normal) were all actually talking to us and most imporantly "Laughing " and sharing lighter moments even with us. We had never seen our colleagues to be fun filled at that point of time. Last time was more like an exploration of the unknown side of many people. I would say, I came to know abt the humane side of people at office.

This time, I was no more a fresher... An oldie as far as office is considered... Nevertheless, it has not made any difference to my "Gang of friends" (if at all i have any.. i mean the friends with whom i can move about with... i would say its very less..) Best part of these parties and the only part for which i look upto is dance floor... I have balls time over there!!!!! Dance for any XYZ song ... what and how u dance is not the criteria... the point is u must dance.... However bad u are u must dance.... And yea.. i too danced danced danced and danced a lot..... Along with dancing many others were involved in the process of making a party which is worthwhile to get into the history of "interesting parties" by drinking and drinking.... as the very name says... "COCKTAIL party"... hmmm....

Yea... everything got over by 11.30 p.m. and we got back home!!!!

Much needed break i must say!!!!!!! :)