Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yay!!!! there i go for a hundred... Just pooled in some of the things which i had written a very long time back!!

I shall start afresh later....
Random thoughts
something which affected me in a big way..
1. Character is something wat i am when noone s looking at me...how true is that?
2.Wat is win in life?
3. Are u living your life to the fullest???
I want to be at nothing!
I love to be at nothing!
I am best when I am at nothing!
But I hate to do nothing!
When he smiles,I am glad
When he shouts,I am even more glad
When he feels touched,I am proud of myself
When he tells something good,I walk away blessed!
For all I know thatI have made a difference to someone’s life! :)

courtesy- shilpa for talking about something which kindled my thoughts!:)))
what is love?

It is unconditional and to be shared
It is a sign of celebration
No expectation
No loss
No disappointment
No attachment
Only commitment
That’s love for u!:)
Power of independence

A state of being
reflection of mind
sign of dignity
symbol of greatness and prosperity
if u enjoy it u are a true winner
if not what are you doing out there?
ninety six going on ninety seven...
feeling too good to be here!!!(Intended to be sung in the tune of "sixteen going on seventeen...." from soun of music)

yea!!! My blog is fast approaching hundred... Cant wait for that post!!! it all gotta be fun!!!!
I wondered in the morning as to why i am so ecstatic about the fact that my posts are gonna cross hundred... but then suddenly it struck me, if it was not me who would get excited about it, who else will??? Afterall, whatever crap, shit or good posts are there, everything is mine... my brain child and my efforts.. Started this blog in January 2006 and am really happy to say that its still going good!!!!!!!!! TOUCH WOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very soon my friend shil will also be crossing the "hundred milestone". She created her blog exactly a day after i started posting and these two years have been really great!!!!!! filled with memories... Be it posting something on my friends on their birthdays or anything about my moods or any interesting person or boring person i have met or adventure moments from my life... be it anything... I have loved it. This blog has been there when i have wanted to while away time... A Good Time Pass i must say!!!!!!!!

The other day, I was having some conversation with someone and let that person be R

R is refering to 6 th post on this web page!!!1
R:I read your all your posts, the one about one of your seniors too
Me: Oh ok.
R: YOu had torn him apart in that post
Me: Yeah ... (In a disinterested way... coz i really don care about that guy)
R: He will die if he reads that post (Nakka pudingindu sethuduvan)
Me: Let him do whatever he wants to do. I am not bothered.

Yeah!!!!! all of u reading will be thinking i am a bitch or something of that sort... Again little do i bother for all this.
BLOG is my space!!!!! and i will do whatever i feel like doing!
My freedom! :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

This post is not intended to be in any said fashion...... just some random thoughts

Changes which i would want to foresee in near future...

Become a CA over night
Get a boyfriend....... Highly unlikely i guess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get permission to always surf on the net during work hours
Become a poet and write poems on guys... ;) (Baah humbug!!!)

People around me consider me to be this filled with attitude, notorious, crazy, cranky and etc etc person which according to them is not a good thing and all... but to my knowledge, no character is good or bad, we just need to see whether it is annoying us or not... if it is not annoying, then just go ahead... be proud to have something which others do not have.... Off late everyone around me have started asking me one question very often and they just refuse to believe whatever i say!!!!!!! everyone thinks that i am committed!!!!! now, gos only knows who created this and how???? starting from my dance teacher to my friends ... whole thing sounds so funny!!! kinda really crazy!!!! and then.... BANG!!!1 reality hits!!!!! how unwanted can anyone feel???? yeah... thats what i feel!!!!

yea yeah.... i hear all you guys saying "you will get the best one very soon"
some of you people telling "wait... you are just too young.. and you will find the right one very soon" and crap
everything is crap... sheer crap...

p.s.- the author has given the above comments with only one thing in mind... she does not wish to see any of those above stated sentences (or sentences with similar meaning) in the comments section... so pl remeber that!!!! think twice before you post a comment!!!!! ;)

Thursday, November 20, 2008


the very essence of life...All of us derive inspiration from some way or the other from some one or the other or from some thing or the other. Let it be deriving inspiration from a child the way it craves for a chocolate and goes on and on talking in its gibberish language which is decipherable only by itslef(not even any other child of the same age group)... Well you might be thinking why she is talking about kids and choloates and stuff???? to put it simple, inspiration is the main element driving any human beings life...

and so is my blog... I blog whenever anything interesting or sweet or adventuorous or scary or bad happenes to me...
And the reason why i am posting this is not because of any of the above things.. This blog is purely because one of my friends (few months ago a "colleague") has started writing a blog.

This whole system of blog has given me and the people around me a lot of things...
Large circle of sensible and "think alike" friends, my best friend found her partner etc etc...
Well to continue... I met this guy almost 10 months back... Have been through all times with him. HAd never even known before till i started working with him that he was also an intern in office. I rarely used to see him and NEVER spoke with him. All of a sudden came fro mno where and we started talking about all the things i found wierd and what he found weird in me. Initially i must admit that he was too quite but highly dangerous for the amount of ragging he used to do. I was a real prey. I used to take that and still put on a smile for all i knew that he would be a great friend(just like raghavan instinct, ... i guess it was nivedita instinct)

Time flew by, two months we worked on one client and got know each other very well.. atleast to the extent that we were able to put up with eachothers nonsense...(Guess thats what is needed in friendship... accept the other person as they are).

Have been insanely rude wit hhim, he has ben insanely rude with me too.. but do we care????

Rags me to the core and still manages to put on the innocent boy s face!!!! world might fall for that... but good luck next time da!!!!

A source of inspiration in many ways... a trusted friend and one of the sensible people whom i have come across in office. For all that i know, he s reliable for me and the most approachable person at any point of itme for any silly damn shitty thing.... There to lend a shoulder anytime..

Enough of good things... coming to the best part... vetti scene poduvan.. god only knows why!!!!!!!!!!!!

He came in when i really needed a friend at work....

Thanks a lot for many things!!!:) wish u remain the same

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


and so on and so forth
I can just go on rambling and rambling..... A very long time since I posted anything on my blog.
This temporary disappearance was because of the tax audits and ... and .... stuffs like that!!!! Thats the sacrifice one has to do for doing articleship in a big four.... but never mind if you like what you are doing...

Well frankly, i don want to talk about work on my blog.

I take this oppurtunity to pray to god to do give something really inspiring so that i can write something about it on my blog!!!!!!

Really bugged!!!