Tuesday, October 30, 2007

E Y life..

This is probably the first time I am going to write about my new lease of life in detail. I have written about my excitement and all before but have not told about what. So here I go…

Now, Ernst and Young… one of the big fours.. established in… oh crap! I shall not bore you with history. But let me get into the business fast. I am excited and thrilled for the mere fact that this is my first work place. I am going to spend a minimum of three years here at Ernst and Young( form now E Y). before I joined E Y, I should say that I was so sure that I will not get into any big fours especially with the kind of marks I had got! So, with that very note of my shocked and excited note, i shall continue...! Now, this might have sounded a lie to you, but I am not bothered! Well, I am right now in to the firm and its more than a month now. I should admit that life has been amazing as of now! Loads of work, loads of responsibility (though as of now, I have not been given much of responsibility), loads of fun! That’s sums up my day! Its nice. I have just started reading and learning things about which I am not aware off! And I have people walking up to me and telling that they are there for me and another group of people who say thanks for each and everything I do! Its too sweet of them to be this considerate! Though some of them are professional, and work means everything to them! Now this is just a sample of what E Y has. Rest is yet to come. One of my managers told all the new joiners once… “ extraordinary things can be done only by stretching oneself unreasonably” how true is that statement! I have been wondering that ever since he has told that! People out here are workaholics! They work so much and they never crib about it! That shows their passion for work!

It’s a professional yet a friendly environment to work in! truly amazing! You should get in here to experience the difference!