Friday, October 20, 2006

To break the jinx of the blog of mine.. Here I go posting something about diwali!
This is one festival I have always looked up to.. This is because of some reasons.

Nice movies are put on TV on diwali day!
Lots of sweets to eat and put on 10kgs extra!!
Get to meet relatives which is not possible on the normal days!!!
And of course we get to burst crackers (though this crackers craze is not anymore in existence)

Ten years down the memory lane, if I sit back and think as to how Diwali was celebrated by all of us, it was all different. There were around seven of the kids at home all excited about the new dress which we had bought and the crackers. The day before diwali, we wear a new dress, burst a little bit of crackers. Then rest of the day was spent in keeping things ready for the next day. The next day morning, get up around three and have oil bath, wear new dress and burst crackers and go to the temple. The whole day used to be fun filled spending time with the whole family. It used to be fun!

Now, things have changed, I mean the craze for crackers have gone but the usual fun is always there. Nowadays there is no “whole family meeting”(cause things have changed) but still enjoyment is always there in my small family of four!

This festival has its own story. Actually there are two stories attached to it.

One is diwali is the day on which goddess Devi killed Narakasura..

The other one is this is the day on which Rama returns back to Ayodhya after killing Ravana.

Happy diwali to one and all!