Friday, December 07, 2007

halla gullah mullah kullah!!!!!

It was a usual Friday afternoon. We packed ourselves into a bus and a tempo heading to a resort called GRT Temple bay. It took around one and half hours to get there. The journey was good too. Air conditioned Air buss with all kinds of songs sung by us and the dances of few of the guys were very entertaining! The very minute we reached there, everyone had settled in the party mood. but that needed some warm ups to be done(thats how playing games like volley ball and kings helped them) considering me, and my association with games, it was too very difficult for me to get over there and play without disappointing the people who were already playing over there! and the important thing was they were genuinely playing good. But the rest of us had the utmost pleasure standing in the waters.. after all beaches are meant for that!!! long walks along the coastline is probably the most wonderful thing that can happen. it does not matter whether you have a good company to talk to or u r alone. the only two things which matter are the cool waters touching ur feet every now and then and ofcourse the beautiful limitless open sky which has innumerous to tell every other minute! oh well.. did u think i didnt have company? then u r wrong! i did have company!

(me and rad walking along the coast with our endless chats!)

it was followed by the tug of war... which i would call as the "team event". after a little bit of freshening up ourselves after that refreshing walk(intended oxymoron) we had along coastline we headed to the
bon fire! most expected event of the evening. this was fun mainly because it involved damaging each and everyone at the sametime playing the "people tambola "game. oh.. by the way.. i came second in the full house. the best part of this game was i did not get damaged in the process! so yyyyyyyyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! good for me u know...

then we went on to the heated dance floor to heat it even more! and it did get heated up in no time. we went crazy! its quite possible to have seen normal people go crazy, but it was the first time to see crazy people getting crazily crazy! it was fun! (hmmmm fun is an understatement... am out of adjectives.. so lets just leave it there)

we had the soft drink and beer competition! never in my life had i drank one bottle of sprite in one shot! so now my throat has gone for a real toss!

after some three hours of heavy dancing, we reached food place like hungry wolves and started hogging endlessly! by this time all of us were very tired! and all we could do was to just search for a bed around us and sleep off! came back home aroung 12.30. it was fun! people were really good, very sweet. very concerned and caring. the most important of all things is to make us feel so special about the whole thing!

hmmm... now comes the best part.... EY s culture...
Work Hard... PARTY HARDER!!!