Friday, February 24, 2006

CA classes…

The very thought of CA gives people all types of tensions… but this course has many more to offer… for eg: CA classes.. lets just look at the positives and negatives of going to classes.


Get many new friends
Get an idea of what to do in life from the speeches given by the teachers.
Classes are fun
Can try out many interesting stuffs like chatting through the paper when the classes are going on (have tried it out in PE-1… believe me it truly exciting)
Can even chat through SMS when the classes are going on.. Thanks to AIRCEL services
Ps: the above point should be done only with the people sitting inside the class and most importantly with the ones sitting NEXT to you
If u are not interested you can also go into sleep, noone will bother (except MPV.. dare not do any such thing in his classes coz in the first place his classes are too interesting, second thing u will be jacked)
Interested people can even try out their luck in getting new boyfriends, girl friends
The most entertaining part is the name keeping ceremony for few of them ( I mean … “few interesting characters”)
Place of competition
Get to know people of different backgrounds, tastes, preferences, brought up and accordingly adjust with them.

1. Have to get up in the early morning
2. During the long sessions, bums tend to start aching!!!

Considering the fact that the positives are five times more than the negatives, CA classes are undoubtedly fun.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Random stuff

I love:

1.Sitting alone at home
2.Surfing the net
3.Chatting and freaking out with friends
4.Watching TV

My strengths:

1. Hard work
2. Never give up attitude
3. Disciplined to some extent
4. Caring

My weakness:

1. Negative confidence
2. Moody
3. Emotional
4. Possessive about my family and friends

My favorite dishes:

1. Anything which has paneer
2. Bhel puri
3. Pani puri
4. Curd rice during summers

Favorite drink: lime juice

My favorite hangouts:

1. Sitting in the beach alone
2. Terrace
3. Going to beach with friends
4. Any other place where it is calm

My favorite songs (this countdown keeps changing but still..)

1. Kaisi hai yeh ruth ki jisne
2. Enna ithu
3. Enuyir thozhiye
4. Aao na
All time favorites: Illayaraja hits, A R Rahman hits, Shankar mahadevan songs

My inspiration

1. M P Vijay Kumar
2. My brother
3. Vikram (for the amount of confidence he had that he will crack the Tamil film industry one day and his sincerity and commitment)
4.Every other person, I come across in one or more ways

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I me myself and my ‘confusions’

Ever since my childhood days I have been always the queen of confusions… in everything I do, think there has always been the word CONFUSION attached to it.

Usually, when kids are asked the question about what they what to become after they grow up.. their immediate answer will be either teacher, police, doctor, or a pilot. And nothing was special with me.. I was also in that category.. but I was just carried away with all these stuffs for pretty long time.. I guess I was telling doctor, teacher, pilot blah blah .. till was in my eighth standard.. the most interesting part is that I used to tell all new new stuffs every other day. I was not even able to keep my thoughts stable even for two consecutive days. I used to be that confused!!!

I did my dance arangetram when I was in my eighth standard, and there was a sudden change in my thoughts.. all of a sudden I wanted to become a dancer.. I wanted to achieve something big in dance.. I wanted to see my name and photo published in almost all the leading news papers with raving reviews.. but little did I know about the dance profession as such, the difficulties faced and the various other things connected to this profession.

Then in my ninth standard, I started doing extremely good in my studies mainly math, and science… so I started thinking that I am going take up science in my eleventh and do engineering. But again, the next year I came to know that science was not my interest and I wanted to try out something different. I started thinking about many weird courses and also started asking my brother’s opinion on this.

But my brother had lots and lots of hopes on me. He wanted me to take Science only! He wanted me to try for IIT or BITS (poor guy little did he know about my commitment and sincerity. He failed to understand that I am a piece of flesh with no brains!)

But my mom, was very sure that I had to take up commerce only.. And according to my mom’s wish I ended up taking commerce only, coz me being the QUEEN OF CONFUSIONS was not able to decide anything.

Then finally for about an year, I enjoyed my life a lot coz I had no decisions to take and so was really happy (coz no confusions, no tension.. nothing!!). Then again when I came to twelfth standard, again the thought of what to do next came up.

Even then I was not sure of what actually I wanted to do in my life.

My mom said that I had to do CA and she started threatening me that it’s a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY tough course and stuff. Actually its absolutely true..

Now when I just sat down to think about what I want from my life..

I just concluded that doctor or teacher was not my passion because those professions need something extra, which I don’t have..( anyways I guess its late realization.. cant do much about it)

Then next comes dance… I sincerely believe that I am not that kind of a person who can adopt in that environment and excel.. Because I AM NOT MADE THAT WAY!!

Lastly coming to CA… well to be very true.. I have fallen in love with this course.
This course calls for sincerity and commitment, which I lack. But still I like this course.

I have tried many times to find out what actually attracts me towards this course.. but I have failed miserably.

When my mom had asked me to take up CA when I was in my 12th, I just asked my mom as to was the full form of CA.. that’s it… and now practically I am in love with this course!!! Didn’t even know when I started liking this course..

I think that’s why people tell that ‘noone knows when love actually happens’ (ha ha ha)

but still there are loads of confusions in my mind still!!!!

i pray to god that i should stay like this forever ataleast regarding this...

Saturday, February 18, 2006

life is sad......

this post is mainly about the torture and little fun which we(I mean a group of some 20 innocent people in my batch, one of them being the most pavam case.. and thats me:-)) underwent during the course of three months of computer training…

Aptech is supposed to be called the MOST OB place on earth.. infact that was the reason why I joined there. But to my bad luck everything turned out to be against me and spoiled my whole life!!! That is they asked us to work on computers and do some jobless projects.

First let me give an intro about my faculty, his name was Leela prasad, the most irritating character on earth!!! He will just be behind me trying to prove that I am wrong in every thing and also never forgets to mock at me.. huh! Well I have actually bunked so so so so so many computer classes and for all the bunking which I used to do I had only one reason and that was my PRACTISE FOR DANCE PROGRAMME.. it was the key word for me… I guess he was doubtful as to whether I was telling him some lie or something and that’s why he even came for my prog to make sure that I was not bluffing.. ha ha ha ..

Ya, so that was about the wonderful faculty..

Now coming to the various people in my batch.. each and every person in my batch were interesting and admirable in their own way. They were super jovial types and never lost their patience when it came to listening to my hopeless talks.

Coming to the individual personalities in my class, first three people who come to my mind are pavi, supriya and neethu (who were equally bad as how I was in comp class.. right from attendance .. etc ) though they were giving me partnership in most of the shouting which I used to get from Leela prasad, there were few screamings which were exclusively for me… poor me!!!

And there is one person in my class who has been calling me as ‘loose’.. I mean from the day I met her(dunno how she managed to find out the truth on the very first day of meeting!!!). her name is sapna, though I call her cranky sis….coz she is the one who accompanies me with all the cranky, jobless, pointless, funny, idiotic talks or blabbering(you can put it either way you want to).

Next are Ganga, Tejovati, Sylvin, Rekha, Savithri, kanika, karthik, mahaveer and few others… though now its time for us to part each other I just want to tell something.. each and every person are good in their own way… for eg: Savithri for her quite nature ( I think I should try being like her, but I am sure I will not be able to be like that)…

I am sure that I will be missing those days when I used to argue with Leela prasad for free hours..and neither will I be able to forget those days when I used to get lectures for not attending classes properly(though it used to be irritating but still it used to be fun… coz all these lectures fail to have any effect on me.. and poor guy used to go on telling about my poor attendance)

And not to forget one more thing, the days when I will be waiting outside my class on the corridor just to find out whether Raunak got jacked for anything… I don’t know the reason why but I really feel good when he tells that he got jacked. I think it must be because one more person is also there who gets royally jacked like me .. ha ha ha .. i know its more of a saddistic pleasure(with a wicked grin)

Apart from these people there were many more people whom i came to know.. they were from other batches and it was really nice to talk with them and become friends:-).

hey how can i forget the FACT THAT APTECH WAS THE PLACE WHERE ALL MY BLOGGING STARTED. (infact that was the only one thing which i used to do properly in the lab sessions in Aptech).

Ahhhhh!!! Oh god… three months of classes are now over .. and so no more fun no more OB.. noone to ask me to sit jobless for four long hours… and its now time to get back to work and prepare for exams….. hmmmm… I just wish I get back those days…(these are only a very few handful memories… there are many more sweet memories attached to these three months)

Its more of a mixed expression for me, i am both happy and sad... happy on one end because i need not go to that stinking place anymore and sad because i will be missing all the fun, fights, arguements, pranks and etc etc etc which i had:-(

Wow!!! What a wonderful period it was….

Monday, February 13, 2006

hey its a day since i posted anything...

so here i am back...

tomorrow it is VAENTINES DAY and i am excited about the fact that how many of my friends will be proposed...(he he he..well it actually sounds cheap... sorry guys was jus playing)

i have planned for some surprise tomorrow for my friends...

its no more a surprise coz they know that i am giving them something... so i jus hope that they should like it... really hoping...........

and ya...


Saturday, February 11, 2006

An eventful day!!!………

This is my second blog for the day!!! I have lots to write about the day as such…

If I had not gone today to swathi s place today I would have really missed something great in life…
At round 5pm, pavi (surprisingly on time) and shil came to my house.. And neethu also joined us in few minutes.. we left my house and then went to the beach to meet harini and the other ging bang in that group.. There was a stupid idiotic personality whom I met in the beach today… there was a guy doing some anchoring thingy for some close up contest.. he was really stupid.. Practically flirting with most girls!!! He was not able to tell question for nuts.. He was spelling it as ‘kosthin’ which was TOTALLY irritating..

After going back to swathi s place, we saw the nineteen different gifts which were gifted by pavi, shil, neethu and viji to swat… they were really brilliant… to name a few.. They were: a storybook kane and aabel, earings, key chain…. Etc etc…

Now I have to confess something very seriously.. Though I told swats that she was looking really brilliant, but I now realize that it was not all… she was really looking like an angel, in her pink skirt and off white top, amazing… beautiful.. Pretty.. Cute… aiyyo I am running out of words..

And aarthi’s and chikki’s singing made my day too..
Every one of them dressed in a very smart cute way with bright faces, wow.. If I had not gone there I would have really missed a lot.. really..

Thanks to swathi for really making it a point to call me and my mom who at last came to a consensus with me.

And now coming to the disastrous part of my day.. bloody idiotic bike of mine got punctured TWICE on my way back home from swath’s place and so all the plans for going out for dinner got cancelled and the seemandha puttiran of the house went out saying that he has to go to meet his “friends”. Wuuaahh!!

But this is not bothering me much because I am still thinking about those lovely moments when I was at eliot’s beach and swathi’s place….

Nice day

Friday, February 10, 2006

Happy happy happy birthday to my dear sweeeeet heart…

Today’s blog is dedicated to swathi(coz its her b’day!!!!!)

I had known her name from chikki in the MK class days itself but though I got to see her only in college..
Super sweet personality (hard to meet but I guess I am too lucky to know her), amazing speaker which superb voice, heeeeeeeeeeellllllllluuuuuuvvvvvvvvaaaaaaaa helpful, and caring…

Not to forget her eeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllliiiiiiiiicccccccccchhhh, she has such an innocent genuine smile which just reflects her heart..

When it comes to hugie, noone is there to beat swathi… she will just give a hug and you literally feel so so so so so so so much better..

Now coming to her talks… I am fascinated by her “thungi vannu” and the way she tells it… ohhhh its amazing… so cuteJ

Today is the date when this angel jus stepped in to this earth to make so so so so so so so many people’s life colourful!!!

This day is urs babe!!!

actually the real angel was much prettier ...

then she grew up....

and went to school...

and now over the years she is in coll....

so here comes the real angel giving her A class hugie to chikki

I dedicate this song to u…

“nalam vazha ennallum en vazhtukkal….”(if u don know this song… as chikki this song… its from a movie ‘marubadiyum’

and also “enuyir thozhiye…” from ‘kangalal kaidu sai’

-dedicated to swats
luv ya…

lodsa lodsa lodsa luv, hugs, kisses

from nivi
Teachers… my part and parcel of life… huh!

This topic was actually told by my friend aarthi, fondly called thi..

Now to go on… these teachers are few who have or are continuing to take my life out daily!!!! Wuaaahhh!!!!!

Kavitha- She is a comedy character in the department, her mannerisms are totally funny, and not to mention about the superb language… wow!!!! Simply superb.. As soon as she gets in to the class she will start calling out my name and will not stop till the hour gets over.. sometimes I even feel why she has not got the disease ‘short term memory loss’, which surya got in gajini and in the process try forgetting my name atleast for a day or so! She doesn’t need any reason for calling me and tell me that I am very talkative… she need not tell me that I am talkative daily!!!!… I know it by myself so why should she waste her energy?????

And now coming to her classes… practically she does nothing but will jus give few scaring dialogues as though the whole world’s (I mean the globe) weight is on her head and that she has to manage everything!!


But believe me I DON get scared for anything I jus laugh my heart out at all her so called “scaring dialogues” … poor lady she must have done a lot of homework on all those dialogues, but fails to understand that it doesn’t work on most of us!!! Ha ha ha

Well I guess one is enough for now…

To be continued are many more

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Amazing movie, awesome movie……. Everything in the movie is fresh and each and every character is very beautifully designed that there is no way one can find out any flaws..

Be it the first half where the friends are freaking out and enjoying life or the second half where they realize their responsibilities and revolt back, the screenplay is excellent. The romance between madhavan and soha ali khan stands out and makes us love their characters too. each and every character makes an impact in the viewers mind, be it anupam kher or om puri... they have something to tell surely......

be it DJ (Aamir)or Karan (Siddharth) or Sukhi (Sharmaan Joshi) or Aslam (Kunal Kapoor) or Ram (Atul Kulkarni) or Sue Meckenzie, all make you love their characters in their own way.. like DJ with his songs.......
all songs are good in their own way.. be it masti ki patshala, roobaaroo etc.

Lastly, RDB needs a big round of applause for giving us such an excellent entertainment......

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Right now i am suffering from a very very very bad cold and ear pain.. my whole energy is getting absorbed by the medicines which i am taking and so have no energy or enthu to think of any topic to write on....

cold.... shit its sick .. totally sick..nowadays i am really getting sick of this cold and fever coz fever is something which the children are supposed to get but in my case its totally the opposite.. when i was young i hardly used to get any fever and stuff but now it has almost become i like i got to get fever once a month and cold for 10 days a month.... getting bugged with it!!! the worst part is that my cold is always accompanied with a very bad ear pain... so i end up using loads and loads of cotton during this period of cold(for plugging it to my ears).. and all my friends will be asking stuff s as to wat happened other stuffs... i have to tell everyone the same thing.. though i know that i got to feel good coz so many of them are very concerned about me but i dont like publicising and i some wat feel that i am creating sympathy....:-(

the funniest part is that i cannot be without wearing a jerkin or a sweater when i am having cold... ha ha ha... totally funny........

well i guess this is my post for today.....

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

when is this gonna end????!!!!!?????

I really don know when this monotonous life of going to college and computer class, back home, get glued to books, and go to bed at one going to continue... really getting bugged these days... I feel as though it has been ages since i have met my friends though i meet them in college everyday! This i guess must be due the fact that we hardly get much time to talk in liesure to eachother..

Once upon a time it was kind of a custom like thing to meet up for all the birthdays or sometimes generally too.. But now there is only call made to wish the dear one on his\her birthday and after that one rupee call everything is over... We don get time to meet each other other than college or CA class or computer class.. Whatever might be the case...

From the time i am out of bed i got to rush rush rush and only rush from one place to another... In the morning i have my CA class so i get up at 5.30 types and i come back from class and then immediately rush to computer classand from there got to rush to college at 12.15... and will be back from college at 6 in the evening and then rush to the temple before it gets crowded and come home, have dinner and have a look at the watch and and you will realise that its already 9.00 and then for sometime get glued to tv and then by ten u sit down with books and do the honours till one and back to bed at one and then have to get up at 5.30 again..... hmph!!! what a life???????

i need a change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Few fascinating personalities in my life….

This post is just fully about friends who are a great asset of mine.. they have been there whenever I need them, whenever I demand their presence etc..

Now coming to the list of few but worthy friends….

College friends:

Krithika- angel of our gang, charming, cranky, understanding, intelligent, awesome singer (her guy is jus too lucky), a neighbor of mine so its too easy for both of us to drop in to each other’s house when ever we are feeling bored.

Aarthi- another good looking female in my gang, patient listener, with an American accent (hey guys, believe me.. sometimes it gets very irritating when people talk with some accent… but this girl is an exception), awesome dancer, funny at times and an accounts prodigy in MPV’s classes(well I know how arthi will be reacting to it… but still arthi I am telling TOUCHWOOD!!!) , her dressing sense and her accessories jus ROCKS!!!!!!!

Pavitra- damn caring, understanding, loving person,intelligent, helpful, she can make you feel that she is always there for you, awesome person to share your views or problems when you are dull.

Neethu- she has views, which are similar to that of mine in many things… that I guess must be coz both our names start with ‘N’… well I know the logic is too lame.. but still its nice to know that there is someone who has views on different things which are the same as yours… understanding, a person who will patiently sit and reply to all my messages in the late night;-)

Shilpa- but her real name is gilma…. Damn talented person, I have never seen a person who can keep smiling, and cracks some witty as well as thought provoking jokes(sometimes). And one person who will be the first person to comment on my posts… in other words she is my blog partner, too good at poetry

Swathi- she is the teddy bear of our gang, real darling, doesn’t know to tell NO to anything, helpful, a girl with radiant smile, amazing command over the language. Whenever swats is there near by, noone will feel bored because we can always pull her legs and she will not be bothered at all.J

Apoorva- a girl with goli urundai siripu and hoogly woogly cheeks… apoo it’s a treat to pull your cheeks, studious, friendly, innocent, comical character at times because sometimes she will not be able to understand what we are talking and she will ask some doubts and all of us will end up laughing

Aishwarya- pet name- ice, one more Gemini in the gang, funny, friendly, sweet girl but dangerous too, coz she is one person who will just put my mood off with one word,
And she is the ‘babe’ of our gang… every thing on earth suits this girl, and she has an awesome figure.

Vijayalakshmi- super studious, hardworking, she has beautiful eyes, long hair, very knowledgeable when is comes to current affairs in the corporate world and very emotional.

Suman- she is the guru of our gang, first person to get married, within a span of six months from her engagement I find sea change attitude in her. Caring, helpful, And looks good in marwadi sarees

Ssupriya- the first thing, which fascinates me, is her spelling; her spelling is so unique, real cool person, an interesting personality, one of those friends whom I have got in the near past…….

Raunak- well as far as this person is concerned I have known him for the past four months, he is a tension freak though he claims that he is ‘cool’, sweet, friendly, but very very adamant, but still I have lots of hope that he will open up one fine day, poor guy will be royally disturbed by me daily…...

Saturday, February 04, 2006

a typical school life...
well to start off, i studied in a co-ed, the school was known for its academic excellence... in other words it was termed to be one of the "padips" school in the near by area.

From the very young age, there was one subject which i never used to like, and that was ENGLISH. The word english used to make me scared and english exams used to give me sleepless nights. now you guys might have a doubt.. then why the hell should this girl have a blog of her own and why should she bug others to read it and post their comments.. well the reason is I WANNA IMPROVE MY ENGLISH..

I guess the disliking for this language is hereditary in my family coz my brother also once hated this language,but their was a sudden change in him and he started reading many many story books and now he has created a blog for himself and his posts are really good. so guess its not my turn to improve my language.

Now coming to the interesting incidents of my school days.. i was always a prankster and a very mischeviuos girl in my school days(people tell that i am continuing to be one).

Now to make my narration simple i take the part of the narrator

Once when i was in my tenth standard, i had a group of six people who were equally mishevious like me and we six of us were called the 'OB' girls of my school. There was an english teacher.. from now on lets call her 'U'(for convieneince). She literally used to shout at five of us for no good reason(the sixth one was U's favourite student.. let fav student's name be 'M'). So, we guys once planned to take revenge on her, and our plan was to spill ink on her saree.

There were about twelve girls in my class and all of them readily agreed to the plan. They( i mean my classmates) got really excited and asked us to prepare a fool proof plan

And now it was our turn to make a fool proof plan. After thinking for about one whole day, we drew a very safe plan..
the plan was..

First when the teacher gets in to the class, M will go and ask some doubts to U and the five of us will go one by one and stand next to U(so as to cover up U fully so that noone sees us dropping the ink on her saree) and the other six girls in class will be distracting U's attention by making noises by dropping some things(for his purpose we had brought bells of cycles and empty bottles). In the mean time we guys will spill the ink on her saree and will walk off..
the plan was totally fool proof and it worked out the same way in which we wanted it to happen. but there were many things which we thought will never happen. but it happened...

When the teacher saw her saree, she started shouting at the class as to who did it.. but noone answered.. we were acting as though we didn understand anything as to what was happening there.. Then U told that if the person doesnt come out by himself or herslf then she will be going to the principal.still noone answered, and she did go to the principal, and complained about the class.
For few days, teachers came to our class to talk about this issue in a very nice way with the hope that we might tell them the truth, but we didnt tell them. The turning point came when three b****es from my class went and told the class teacher that we only did it. they became the approvers and in the process we were caught.
The next day six of us were called to assemble in the principal's room and there we got real good scoldings.. it was supposed to be a scolding but beleive me or not none of us were able to take it as scoldings because the whole situation looked very funny, all of us were so tempted to laugh(we were not all that brat types girls but still we found the whole thing funny).

After a long session of lecture for six of us, the rest of the girls in my class were also called and they were also given similar advice..

Well.. now if i sit down to think about those things now, its so nice to even get thoughts of those wonderful days where you can just be careless and continue doing your pranks on others..

similar incident happened when i was in ninth standard.. I studied ninth standard in delhi in a school called Somerville. it was also called a padips school. In that school, my gang consisted of six people including me, two guys and three girls

Once, we had planned to play with someone.. our maths teacher was a real cool person, and so we guys decided to play with her( i was her favourite student).

The plan was to celebrate her birthday, so we guys had kept the cake on the teachers table and we have stuck a balloon filled with water and other jigna stuffs in such a way that when she switches on the fan the balloon bursts and the water falls on her..

The same thing happened but she didnt even tell a word because she is very cool and will not mind all these things..

well thats all for now about my krishna leela's.. now coming to my story of crushes...

till i finished my school, i had only one crush and that was my first ever crush... he was one of my own classmates, he had amazing sense of humour.. i guess that must be the thing which attracted me towards him.
he was a very nice guy, shy type of a person when it comes to talking to girls(i don like shy guys).. but still i found him cute and nice.. he was an exception...

On the last day of school, i had given my slam book to be filled to him and here he goes filling it..

name: s

address: cannot disclose


most embarassing situation: when i learnt that siddarth liked you(well siddarth was another guy in my class)

most admirable person: not u!

ambition: onyx bin collector(i like his sense of humour in this)

lines for me: u could have been subtle in class 10... you know what i am saying...
( he meant i was site adichufying him through out tenth!!!)

so now he completes filling this and gives it to me... to my horror i find all these things and i feel miserable and now my friend M walks up to me and reads what S has written in my slam book and she starts laughing..

i jus moved away from that place taking my bag... i guess one of S's friends saw me going fast and he went and told S about this... S came to M and asked as to what was wrong and then M tells that i actually liked him and that he should not have written all those stuff which he had written in my slam book..

Then S realises his mistake and immediately tells M to convey his apologies to me... it was such a nice act of S to tell sorry immediately..... i still like S for this act of his...

well this is actually one a brief porion of what happened that day... will send the whole thing in detail in the next post...

these are few incidents which i would never ever forget in my life...:-)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

well... i don know how to start this topic... i was thinking about this for the past fifteen minutes but was not able to think of anything better ... and now here i start...I am gonna talk about something which is connected with my daily life... and that is JOBLESSNESS... i was thinking as to why i usually feel bored.. and the first thing which struck my head was thefact that i was jobless... dunno what all people end up doing when they are jobless.. day before yesterday we( i mean the stupid college people) were asked to attend one inter colegiate event conducted by our college.. the event was debate and the topic was 'fiscal deficit'... hmph..

another thing which comes to my mind now are the CA classes where we used to chat using paper when the class was going on.. we end up doing such stuff only when we r not able to talk to the person sitting next to us BECAUSE OF THOSE LONG BORING CRAPPY LECTURES GIVEN IN COLLEGE..

and the saddest part is that when i message people at nights just because i am not getting sleep..
and i know there are many of them who r right nowcursing me for that.. but whatcan i do????its not my mistake..ITS ALL BECAUSE I AM JOBLESS!!!WELL I GUESS THIS IS ENOUGH FOR now.........