Monday, November 20, 2006

As usual I am back!
This post is just a report on what happened in college today. I am feeling very happy and excited today! Don know for what reason because nothing special happened in college. I was just sitting all alone in coll, except for two hours (I think) Apoo sat with me.
They all left for FM stuff. i was not a part of it and so was sitting in class. I was glued to the new book which I am reading now, riot by Shashi Taroor.

Today we had two entrepreneurial classes and two IT classes and one management accounting hour plus one counseling class! So that tells how boring and tiring the day would have been! But I don know… I am just too enthu and left to myself I guess I will go run the whole stretch of the beach now! I have this super level of energy right now. And I want to go out somewhere preferably beach but I don know. Mostly NO cause I will have to go alone.

But one point is for sure, being alone, doing things alone, and staying alone at home or college has become a routine for me. Before and all, I used to be super excited and happy when I used to stay at home alone. But now, I am getting tired of it! Really tired! Mainly when both my brother and mom go out(my brother always wishes that it has to be that way or it will be some place where I wouldn’t want to go)L. But now really getting sick of it! I have stayed one whole day at home alone without even having to see any human species around me except in the idiot box! Hmmm.. well, chuck it I don wish to go further and spoil my mood. I am happy now;).. so will continue being happy and excitedJ

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I came back home at sharp at 5.13pm. and the college got over at 5.05. so from this u can jus calculate the time which I spent in college after it got over( and it takes minimum 10 minutes to come from college to my place). NOT EVEN A SECOND I WAS THERE after it got over. And moreover there s noone to stay with too..

Its exactly three days since I started going to college after Ca exams, and guess what.. I don want to go to college. Never has it happened that I have REALLY REALLY hated to go to school or college but this time, I find it more like a burden! Its so heavy to carry on that I decided to tell it to someone. And I found that I had noone around me. Then, I thought about the blog and now I am posting it online. I don even know whether I should post it or not. But still… I am doing it because I don have anyone to tell to. Rather, I don know how others will react to my problem.

Until the month of September, things were going excellent because Pavi was there with me. Even if Neethu had joined office by that time, we both (me and pavi) spent sometime together after college and so things were going great. After that, my Ca exams and semester exams came up, so I was making myself get involved with a life without the two of them. Things were going fine( thanks to the deliberate effort which I took).

Never in the history of my life have I ever come back from school or college so soon! Nowadays have noone to talk to freely, noone to share my thoughts with, noone to rely on! Rather these days I feel so very depressed that I don’t feel like doing anything, neither do I neither message anyone nor talk properly. But people around me ask as to why I am like this and I put a false image of myself like just fooling around! I hate it from the bottom of my heart! I hate it thoroughly!

Things have changed! Feel as though I have lots to learn about people in life and that even those people whom I consider close to me are not the same as what they appear to be!
I know for a fact that this post is becoming a very depressing one but still I can’t really help it!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Umarao jaan!
A flop show!

To sum up this whole film, its nothing but a disaster!
Sheer waste of energy time and money.. you might be asking me as to why I went for this movie then?
The answer is because my brother bought the tickets for this movie inspite of telling him not to buy tickets for this movie. The movie for which I wanted to go was DON. But he messed it up just because he had seen the movie already with his friends two days backL.

Now coming back to the movie, its nothing but the newer version of the old movie. The director has given it more colourful. The resources invested in this movie is all sheer waste. Aishwarya rai, has wrinkles on her face and she looks old!
Consolation to the movie are abhishek and sunil shetty(both don’t have much role to play though).
Shabana Azmi as usual comes out with a neat and a flawless performance.
It needs a lot of patience to sit through the whole movie. Each and every scene is very long. And the story also does not have a proper ending. Its too abrupt, but by that time the audience is too relived about the fact that the movie is actually over that they are not much bothered about the ending.

I have seen historical movies, but I don see any point in this movie being retaken for any reason without nay change from the original version that too when the whole trend is about giving fast paced racy movies. Umrao jaan fails to satisfy any of the demands of the present day film goers!