Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My latest one liner!

this is situational... here goes the situation. My mom was asking my brother to pour water into the drum and as usual he was evading it for past three days. My worried father came up and asked whether paani(water) had come(we use that can water for drinking.. thats the underlying funda)

now i speak out...: vaani thaan varanum... paani(water) vandachu...:)

other one liners of mine from the past...:
1. Bad donkeys small wall
2. Donkeys don know camphor smell... :)

ok ok... don throw stones at me!!!!;)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Did u know???? Well i am sure you will not be knowing about it! trust me you would have know about it! Its challenging, Exciting and also SCARY! he he... trying hard to find what it is eh? i bet you will fail miserably! so my advice don think hard. hmmm ok.. before you kick me i shall tell you what it is all about! i just came to know that we will be evaluated based on our performance! now may be you might not be scared because you are sitting on the other side of the table! but i am scared! still... I have to give a good show!:)

i find work really good these days! hmmm so thats really good for me!

oh... by the way! the first song i choreographed was staged before on stage by my dance teacher! was excited! first attempt. but it was good for a first attempt!:)

P.s. - I had lost my senses when i wrote the above post!