Monday, March 19, 2007


Why do they occur? I get dreams when I don want them! They just come from nowhere yet with a bang to give me all kinds of excitement and scary thoughts. That’s when I realize that there is a very very scary side of me which is letting my thoughts wander to that extent!

I get weirdest of all dreams mostly with those friends who are very close to me and not so close friends. In my dreams those people who come in my dream, knows anything and everything about the other person, though they aren’t even aware about their existence in real life. This really fascinates me! Isn’t this fantastic?

I can think of three dreams right now. First one was about my death. Actually the dream started only after I died and how people were crying and few were laughing because I am no more! And when they were taking me to the cremation ground they pass through a bridge and due to lack of balance they drop me off in a river! And .. and… I don remember because I was woken up!:(

Second one is probably the funniest1 and the funniest part is “I am having a boyfriend in that”! ok.. cut down on the imaginations.. I was not making out and all. The dream was as clean and decent as I am!:) just the thought that I was having a boyfriend was funny for me to keep me laughing for the next two days! And I don remember that unfortunate guy’s face! Lucky for that imaginary guy!

Third is my favourite! I am in the jail! I have been sentenced a 1 year stay in jail for violating the traffic rules! And I am put among those people have killed and looted and done many more things. Oh ya! Two of my not-so-good friends where also there. The jailer was being very nice to me and he was the only nice part. This dream surely had many scary things because I haven seen any burglars in person and for me to see such people in dream was real big thing!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

its the lyrics of a song which i feel that it has the deepest meaning abt the human kind and languages!i didn download it... wrote it from the song itself...

Katrin mozhi oliya isaiya
Poovin mozhi nirama mananama
Kadalin mozhi alaiya nuraiya
Kadhal mozhi vizhiya idazha
Iyarkaiyin mozhigal purindhuvidu
Manidarin mozhigal thevaillai
Idhayathin mozhi purindhuvidu
Manidarin mozhigal thevaillai

Katru visum podhu disaigal kidaiyadhu
Kadhal pesum podu mozhigal kidaiyadhu
Pesum varthai pola mounam puriyadhu
Kangal pesum varthai kadavul ariyadhu
Ulava therya katrukku oruvam theta mudiyadhu
Kadhal pesum mozhiellam sabthakootil adangathu

Vanam pesum pechu thuliyai veliyagum
Vanavillin pechu niramai veliyagum
Unmai oomai anal kanner mozhiagum
Penmai ommaianal nanam mozhiagum
Osai thoongum jamathil uchimeengal mozhiagum
Asai thoongam idayathil asaivu kooda mozhiagum

Saturday, March 10, 2007

proud to be a tamilian???

Namma Theru Vizha(Our Street festival) is an attempt to showcase to the Chennaiites what the city's all about. Right from its birth, art, culture and tradition have remained synonymous to the 'city of charms'! The brainchild of the Tamil Maiyyam and the Department of Tourism and Culture, Government of Tamilnadu, CHENNAI SANGAMAM started off with the gala opening at IIT-OAT on February 20 with a dance show 'Sange Muzhangu' running through the evolution of the 2000-year old Tamil arts, literature and culture.

Thappattam, karagattam, Oyilattam, mayilattam, thevarattam, Krishnan attam, naiyandi melam, china melam, periya melam, sakkai kuchi attam, kokali attam, puliattam, maan kombattam, poykalkuthiraiattam, jimla melam, thudumbattam, silambattam, kalaripayitru and koothu will share space with classical performances of other States, western music shows, choirs, string quartets, symphony, fusion, rock, rap and jazz. most of us would not have even known that tamilnadu has instore so many art forms!!! whoa!

Six days of undiluted culture is at display in this novel confluence, which from next year is going to be made an yearly Pongal feature like the December festival. Essay contest for collegers, revisiting old movies, anthem for the show, a 'Green Chennai' and 'Give Life' for street children campaign are also highlights of the Sangamam.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It is unconditional and to be shared
It is a sign of celebration
No expectation
No loss
No disappointment
No attachment
Only commitment
That’s love for u!:)