Tuesday, July 11, 2006

This post is all about an incident which just happened now.. just now..

Well.. it all started with that bomb blasts in mumbai.. from 7 o clock there have been so many people, all relatives and friends calling home to find out whether my brother was safe because he was previously posted over there. But now he is now in banglore along with my father. Infact only after they told us about the bomb blast did we even know that there were bomb blasts in mumbai. Then after that we were watching the various news channels to know actually what had happened. My mom and I had our dinner around 8.30 and were watching the usual horrible soaps. By the time all those got over it was 9.30..

Then its only at this time that it strikes my mom that my brother had not called her today! she as usual gets all panicked and calls my father and asks him whether he is back. And dad tells that he is not back and that since he still continues to have a bombay line, and since all the lines are jammed because of the bomb blast, this number was not reachable. My father was even more tensed and he goes to the extent of calling up his company to get his colleagues numbers. Both my mom and dad were trying sincerely(infact i was also trying coz it was a bit tensed about the whole thing).

Then comes the turning point when i ask my mom to call up one of my brothers friend who is in chennai. First my mom is all hesitant to call him and disturb but i give her all courage and support and make her call him. His friend had told my mom that he will find out and let her know in few minutes. In the mean time, i keep trying his number and so is father trying out all bombay, uttar pradesh(numbers) and what not! phew!

Then within some ten minutes or so, we get a call from banglore, it was my father and he had called us to tell that my brother was back( it seems like it got late in the office). My mom was relieved, so was my father, infact he was very very very much relieved. But my brother was in a VEEEEERRRRYYY BBBBAAADDD MMOOOODD!. this is a usual behaviour of guys, they don like their parents especially their siblings to call up their friends and ask them whether they know anything. Same was the case with my brother. He was shouting at my mother and father. In order to be alive i didnt talk to my brother only.

At this time, i had only one thought, i was just praying that my brothers friend should not have called him and told that we had called him to ask about sudheer! My mom immediately calls up sudheer s friend, but unluckily he had told sudheer everything and when my mom called him, he is just laughiong his heart out. My mother gets all embarrassed and keeps the phone.
today was for sure an eventful day! atleast something out of the usual happened which made it likeable!
it was funny.. all was only because of that bomb blast in bombay!

p.s.- my deep condolenses to the victims of the bomb blast

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Forwards.. the most irritating stuff!!!

Well, the fact is that before and all I was also getting carried away by all these forwards and used to sit and religiously send the forwards to each and every person in my phone book.. I cant even believe that I was that jobless!

But thank goodness atleast now I have understood as to how dumb it is to forward them. It’s better to always to type it out in simple words whatever you want to say and send it instead of forwarding some shayiris and all. I have always wondered as to why people take so much of pains of forwarding them when sometimes they might not even mean that.

The worst forwards are those good morning and good night messages with all those teddy bears and roses which tell that “ I brought these flowers or teddy bear only for telling u a good morning/night”. CRAP! Utter crap. If anyone wanted to wish good morning or good night they can either send it as a personalized message or even sometimes if they are that desperate, they can even spend on a call. But they end up adopting the worst means of communication!. Well again at this point of time, I really want to tell that I was also a victim of these stuffs. I used to really bug three of my friends(chikki, arthi and swathi) with innumerous forwards in a day! I really feel sorry for them. Rest of them I don even message them.

Next are these fun type messages.. i.e. tell me one thing which u like the most in me or something like that. Though they are kind of bugging in true sense but they are fun. Atleast better than those good morning good afternoon messages!

But again there are these real nice forwards. Few forwards are really cool.. especially the jokes..

At last, one thing is for sure.. there are totally four people glad on this earth because I stopped forwarding these forwards. They are arthi, swathi, chikki, and myself.

I am happy for myself!!!:)