Sunday, April 08, 2012

Feels just like a woman...

Go through her journey of childhood, laughter, happiness, sadness, troubles, humiliations, aspirations, ambitions, dreams and what not..
Yes! This is about the book palace of illusions written by chitra divakaruni..
Mind blowing depiction of story of mahabharat from the eyes of draupadi.. A girl who had born to change the course of history. Beyond a point we would never want the story to end!! Atleast I didn't want the book to end in any case..
Certain brilliant portions or plots in the story:
1) The conversation between vyasa and draupadi revealing her future
2) Draupadi s secret love for karna
3) Depiction of the war
4) the differentiation in the love shown by draupadi towards her five husbands and yet being a dutibound wife to all five
5) Karna s confession of his love for draupadi
Well, as a girl there were few points which were my favourite...
A) the limitations posed on a girl during her childhood days and her urge to act or behave like a boy.. Just the curiosity to know and do things which her brother is allowed to do.. Often there used to be a question in my mind that why is it that my brothers are allowed to do certain things which I am not allowed to.. So I titally empathise
B) her love or secret love or crush .. Karna the man of her dreams.. And the way in which she struggvled to convey her love to him.. this has been potrayed in an absolutely beautiful way and has been handled with great care and softness..
C) when she gets to know about karna s love towards her... This was absolutely mind blowing.. The feeling of helplessness creeps in because she has been tied up in so much bondage that she is not free to express and celebrate the love with karna as both of them long for each other s company
D) bheem s love for draupadi is very cute.. Very caring, dutiful and a honest expression of love.. Am sure this is what all girls long for!!!
E) the palace of illusions with all the magic sweeps all our hearts...
F) according to me, vyasa is the hero and cherry on top of the cake..
G) arjun ... My favourite character.. The depiction of the character is awesome.. This character is naturally very heroic and I love it..

This book has added a new colour to mahabharat the indian great history!!! :P
On the whole.. A must read book for all... :) ting!