Monday, December 14, 2009

There are zillions of things shuttling here and there in my mind right now. They are...
1) My dance practises and how my dance program will turn out to be.. Dancing after a gap of some solid 7-8 months(which includes 3 months of sitting at home) absolutely no stamina and not in shape for giving an attractive program! People say i have gained weight which is normal but not wanted! Learning new songs, practising, juggling between personal work, dance practises and work! the very thought gives me goose bumps

2) Exam results..... HIGHLY scary.. soemthing for which i worked for 3 months. I think i was sincere to myself... but really don know what god has instore for me! sigh... cant go on more about this... however my thoughts are positive! guess it will help me always!

3) How do i lose weight which i gained over 3 months of sitting at home! Million dollar question!!!!!!!!! my friend asking me diet! which i need to really think of considering to cut down on the extra flabs! painful :(

4) lazinessssss- the major disease sticking on to me which does not allow me to the "active ME" is the disease of laziness. Lazy about standing up, waking up, jogging, running, dancing and wat not! u name it and yea am lazy about it!!!! hmm.. thinking about the possible reasons, i can probably blame it on the climate for making me so lazy..... but it wont help.. i still have to push myself forcefully out of the beds at 6.30 come wat may, for my yoga classes... so here comes the season again when i will get up early and get to bed late.... past 7 months my routine was too different to really get adjusted to this new routine. I am really fighting my heart out to get adjusted to the new routine which has a lot of advantages and lot of things which i have to miss out on.

5) lots of friends to catch up with.. they will really kill me if i don spare time.... lots of things to do! next two - three months are really scary to even have a thought of how it will be!

will keep u posted about how much of problems I face during these 2-3 months... as this is the only place i can fully express my thoughts! byeeee