Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dear ______,

You have been the reasons for me to have been alive most of the times... YOu have helped me to cool when i was tensed, when i was depressed, when i was irritated... you have given me best of all thoughts to cherish..... you have been the reason for me to be what i am today.... my day completes only with a talk with you where we share all our thoughts and you make me feel so good. But the time has come when i wont be able to spend more time with you because of increasing commitments and change in priorities........ i know you are always there for me..... i will get back very soon... this is just a temporary phase... and am sure everything will get back to normalcy very soon.... i will miss you a lot till then....... i love you a lot!!!!!!! i really love you....

really love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muah!!!!!!!!!!

good bye sleep!!!!!!!! :(