Saturday, March 22, 2008

My love....

He came like a breeze to whisper in my ears,
That he loves me
He very slightly lingered around my feet
To play with me
He spoke to me many things
Without uttering a word
He threw open my hair
Just to play around with it
Looking at him is a treat
And i know for sure that his beauty is plentiful!!!!

Thats nature for you :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Scenery 1
Scenery 2
At the suicide point....
Scenery 3
"Disco night ;P

Long time awaited posted….

Atlast about the off site!!!!

The word off site gives me enormous energy and am totally enthu for no reason. The major confusion is… from where do I start??? Now this is a question to be pondered over!

Hmm… Ok.. Let me start of with the packing plan. (This post might end up being filled with names… here’s my disclaimer) After much introspection and last minute shopping(which I did), Lakshmi, Radhika and myself arrived at a fairly accepted wardrobe which was going assist us during the trip. We had a lot inhibition(god knows for what!).

Thursday night- We boarded the train at sharp 8.30p.m.. As we started heading towards mettupalayam, we started playing cards. There were a lot of people playing cards (some of them betting money also.. OMG!!!!) However we did not play for any money as we were all amateurs. We played played and played… that’s what we did till one in the night. All thanks to Bilal who taught us the brilliant game of “fruits” or “kings” by whatever names it is called.

Friday morning- We reached mettupalayam at 6 in the morning. It was such a brilliant morning. It was dark, yet with very gentle rays touching us across. It was a refreshing and energizing morning. We had biscuits and tea/coffee and headed to the bus to reach our DESTINATION (THE place.. OOTCAMUND ). Oh, now comes the embarrassing part… The bus in which I was traveling got delayed solely because of me and my non stop puking! It was SHIT EMBARRASSING. After creating the much needed hype and after gaining the needed attention I finally allowed the rest of them to the sterling resort. We freshened ourselves, had super breakfast. Our plan was to go to Doottabetta or the suicide point. This place was the usual. The highlight was the horse riding. It was damn good. I was so tempted to go for the second time. But something disastrous could have happened. The horse on which I went for the ride for the second time was a angry one and it took revenge on me by almost getting into the bushes. Just the way Ross claims of this “near death experience” I proclaim that it was really a near death experience.

Now comes one the major events of Ooty trip.. We had games games and more of games.

Now few highlights…

Dhenu, Monisha eating two big green chillies

Neelanjana having the fag non stop(being a girl, I must say its an achievement)

And not to forget the war wounds… People leading the list




They had cut their hands while cuttings oranges for making the juice

Funnier moments

The lemon and spoon game… The lemon was just not getting passed on. It was dropped by everyone of them and it was funny. More importantly it was more fun than funnier! (Hope you get what I say)

Friday night continued with dance, crazy dance, crazier dance and craziest dance… It was loads of fun… ( I consider dance to be the most fun part of my life and I must say I had awesome fun). After the dance and the dinner we headed to crash on the bed as we had had a very long tiring day.

Saturday morning- After the morning supper, we headed to the botanical garden. It was pleasant with the gentle breeze mixed with the warm rays of sun blowing on us and making us feel really good about the climate (atleast for a person from Chennai, such kind of change in climate is required). After the botanical garden the various photo shoots of plants and ferns, we had the boating at Pykara Lake. There was nothing eventful during boating except for the many photos which we clicked. Then it was the “Go karting time”. It was the first time for many of us… Few highlights

Vijay VS Radhika race(quite a tight competition I must say… )

Bharat VS Vijay Gopal (super competition)

Shiva VS Srini (unexpected bang for Shiva)

Oh ya… one must not forget Ajoy’s plan to leave me with the car no 29 which was the cause for all the banging which happened that day!(but never mind… it still was good fun..)

The “almost dead souls” reached the sterling resort to get ready for the enetertainment night. We had “Karagatttam” for entertainment. What can I say? The man danced so well. He was amazingly graceful and most importantly, we picked a pin with his eye from a heap of sand with his karagam on his head without using his hands. It was truly brilliant. And fun part was we all got to dance with the Karagam once. So YIPPEEEE!!!

Followed by the karaoke night…. We had to sing… hmmm… I did get embarrassed for putting up an indecent show. But others did extremely well so I would say it was really good. The day was concluded by heating up the floor by dancing!

Sunday morning- Like any other Sunday….. All of us took ample rest, Few of us played table tennis (or rather tennis.. as the ball was NOT touching the table at all). Atleast we made an attempt to learn it.. After lunch, we checked out to reach back to Chennai for next days work. The journey was again filled with games but all in a very sober mood as all of us had lost all our energy during the last two days.

Now this has been very a long post… too long a post… I totally agree..

But these are just snapshots…

I have lots of things to be put down. But I shall stop for the moment.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008