Thursday, January 17, 2008


One day, something banged on me,

In this self obsessed world little did I notice

That I was badly hurt

A person ran up to me worried

With eyes filled with concern

Heart filled with love

Her touch proved it all

The very moment, I fell in love with my life

Realized that someone cared about me than what I did,

Experienced the wholesome life which I was going to lead

Backing me with every step of mine

Letting me know that you are there for me always!

That’s when I realized that you are god’s very precious gift to me!

I shall cherish you FOREVER!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

"Taare zameen par" zarroor hai...

What will i have to say about a movie which is amazingly stunning, which kept me crying through out the movie, which is a true inspiration and a true eye opener for all those people who are not aware about dyslexia. A brilliant story with powerful cast and super screenplay which keeps us glued to the seats for full three hours. The story is just too real to be true. Its a mirror reflection of the life of many kids and it stirs our memory lane to the good or bad old days(somewhere, something, sometime ... the thoughts need not be related to the dyslexia... but still it does affect!).

Now, when i was watching the movie, i was able recollect few memories.. when i was in college i got a chance to work in a autistic school for special children, "V-Excel" for about a month. Frankly speaking the first day i met them, it was just too hard for me to digest the fact that god has created them in that way. They are like any other normal kid, but those kids need lots of more attention, love, encouragement, support and affection. Worst part is when they dont get the love which they need. thats when they grow wild and their lives stand to be royally screwed. In most cases its the society and most importantly the parents who demoralize the child just because the kid is not studying good enough to get into an engineering college or a medical colleges. I have seen parents openly cursing their kids when they leave their child to the school in the morning.

The attractive part of those kids are they are just too innocent and ultimately cooperating. Over a period of time, i felt that those kids had greater aspirations in life than what a normal common man would normally have! The grit and the confidence which they possess is truly amazing! they truly are winners! they have that zeal to achieve high! aim higher, set new records and create something OUT OF THE BOX!

God bless all the kids on earth and all should have a great life ahead coz they deserve the best!!!