Thursday, May 10, 2007

Opportunity cost in having a boyfriend/girlfriend!(look at the commerce students brain!!!)

DISCLAIMER: All might not be applicable to you, some may apply and some may not.

1.Too much off attachment towards a person.
2.long hours on phone with the other person ( late night talks)
3.lack of sleep or sleeping in afternoons (don ask me whether talking with friends late night is good? Even if u ask, I would say it’s good because they don talk anything mushy which makes u have a sleepless night!)
4.thinking that person is the end of your world
5.losing individuality (utter stupidity)
6.neglecting friends (friends are not losing, u r losing)
7.Overdoing things towards that person (whats the need?)
8.Giving a call after walking down ten yards from your house telling the other person that I have walked down (come on! This is heights! As if all these years you have informed someone about every damn thing!)
9.guys don’t want to get into commitment a update of what happened everyday in the night! (please, give my space man! Even before marriage, so many QUESTIONS! Gawd!)

to conclude, three cheers to being single!!!

p.s.- was intended to be fun.

a test post letting the world know that i am still alive!